Tornado Shelter Safe Rooms

Installed in 2 weeks for Texas and Oklahoma

You can call us at:
469-629-6000 in Texas
405-367-7901 in Oklahoma
7am-10pm every day


Custom Built Storm Shelter Safe Room's

Storm Shelter Safe Room Specifications.

We can Key the Safe Room Storm Shelter Lock to Match your House Key.

Safe Room Storm Shelter does Meet and Exceed FEMA Guidelines

Passed the Texas Tech Impact Test

Rated for an EF5 Tornado

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Our Storm Shelter is rated for an EF5 Tornado


Custom Built Safe Rooms to any size you would like.


US Safe Rooms

Storm Shelter

Our Goals

Protect Your Family

Our Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Rooms will protect you and your family against an F5 Tornado.  Our design meets and exceeds FEMA Standards. They have passed the Texas Test Impact Test to withstand an F5 Tornado.  We use anchor bolts every foot. Each bolt has 10,000 lbs of sheer strength.  Every Safe Room is custom built to what size you need and where you would like the door.

Be Storm Safe

Tornadoes often strike quickly. They cause a lot of damage and injuries.  Tornado safety begins by having a safety plan. We are a leader in the Safe Room industry. We build state of the art Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Rooms.  Our Safe Rooms will protect you from a Tornado. You can call and talk with one of our professional staff at US Safe Room’s and they will help you with your Safe Room.

Best Value

When an F5 tornado is heading towards you, the last thing you want is to be in a Tornado Storm Shelter Safe Room that was built or installed by the lowest bidder. But you also don’t want to waste money.  The big question is how do you ensure you are getting the absolute best value for your dollar? Simple, contact one of our Safe Room Professionals for a free consultation.

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Choosing the Right Size of Tornado Shelter for Your Texas Home

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The right size for your tornado shelter ultimately depends on the number of people who’d use it. FEMA recommends that every person have at least three feet of floor space in the tornado shelter. Multiply that by the number of people you have, and you get your total square footage for the required tornado shelter.

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According to reknowned weather predictors, like Accuweather, we might see higher tornadoes and storms in this year than the previous years. Tornado shelters guarantee protection again the devastating effects of tornadoes and storms. Learn more about tornado shelters!

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Community Storm Shelter

Community Storm Shelter Community Storm Shelter is rated and tested for dangerous EF5 Tornadoes.  Our design meet’s all FEMA requirements and guidelines.  They have a 10 year warranty against leaks or corrosion.  Our design has been tested by the Texas Tech Impact Test and passed.  They are rated for an EF5 Tornado.  Our engineer plans

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