Dallas Safe Room

Steel Dallas Safe Room
Dallas Safe Room is a great option. Your Steel Dallas Safe Room is custom built for your needs. Each Safe Room is designed to protect against an EF5 Tornado and they meet and exceed FEMA standards.

Your Dallas Safe Room can protect you from a Tornado. At Safe Rooms US we install Safe Rooms in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Each Safe Room is custom built to your needs. They have passed the Texas Test Impact Test and meet/exceed FEMA guidelines for an EF5 Tornado.

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The Dallas – Fort Worth area is only slightly less vulnerable than neighboring central Oklahoma to a violent tornado.  Such as an EF4 or EF5.  Most all the federal weather researchers agree that the region is an overdue target for a major strike.

In 2007 the Enhanced Fujita scale replaced the F-scale damage-intensity measurements. This refers to wind speeds from damage to buildings, trees and other objects. EF4 winds begin at 166 mph and are capable of leveling well-constructed houses. Only 2 percent of all tornadoes are rated as EF4 or EF5. They account for 65 percent of tornado deaths.

Dallas is well within the Tornado Alley. This is an area with a distinct tornado season from April through June. Conditions are right this time of year for dry air from the north and west to mix with warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. When this happens it can cause unstable conditions that lead to the formation of supercell thunderstorms. These super-cell’s can create Tornadoes.