Oklahoma Safe Room

Oklahoma Safe Room

Oklahoma Safe Room
Steel Safe Rooms are a great option. Your Oklahoma Safe Room is custom built for your needs. Each Safe Room is designed to protect against an EF5 Tornado and they meet and exceed FEMA standards.

Your Oklahoma Safe Room can protect you from a Tornado. At Safe Rooms US we install Safe Rooms throughout Oklahoma. Each Safe Room is custom built to your needs. They have passed the Texas Test Impact Test and meet or exceed FEMA guidelines for an EF5 Tornado.

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Installed in 2 weeks in Oklahoma

Your Oklahoma Safe Room can be installed as a separate exterior room. Part of an existing home’s garage. Or in any room that is on a pre-manufactured home’s interior.

Oklahoma Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

If you live in a tornado-prone state like Oklahoma, you need to have a safe room in your house. Safe rooms provide near-absolute protection during tornadoes. At US Safe Room and Tornado Shelters, we design steel safe rooms that meet FEMA and ICC-500 standards. Our safe rooms undergo intense impact check tests like the Texas Tech Impact Test. We only dispatch safe rooms that are approved by our expert engineers.

Our safe rooms arrive completely assembled on the day of delivery. We send a trained installation team that takes care of everything from safe room unloading to its installation. Client satisfaction is a top priority for us and this is why we ensure timely delivery.

Oklahoma Storm Shelter Specifications  

Every year, severe tornadoes wreak havoc upon the residents of Oklahoma, causing loss of life and property damages. Safe rooms and storm shelters are the only safe places you can go to for safety. US Safe Room and Tornado Shelters make sure that you have a safe place to take refuge from high-impact tornadoes like EF-5. Our safe rooms come with the following features.

  • 36-inch steel-encased front door, made up of ¼ inch thick steel
  • Two large vents for proper air ventilation
  • The safe rooms are assembled using 5 inch long and ¾ inch wide bolts. These bolts contain a sheer strength of 10,000 Ibs.
  • The standard height for all safe rooms is 6’0″
  • The safe room doors are designed to be wide, so wheelchairs can pass through


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Oklahoma Safe Room

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