Denison Safe Room

Install an Above Denison Safe Room At Your Home in Denison, Texas

The residents of Denison Safe Room in Texas are used to storms and tornadoes. The chance of a tornado in Denison is significantly higher than the natural average. The residents of the county know all too well about the sort of damage a strong tornado can do to their property.

In places like Denison, where residents are at continuous risk of being hit by a tornado, it’s crucial to invest in a storm shelter. These shelters provide protection from tornadoes and hurricanes so you can rest assured that your family is safe no matter how bad the storm.

Above Ground Safe Room aren’t just safe, but they are also easily accessible so you and your loved ones can run inside quickly during emergencies. In case tragedy strikes and your house is damaged, rescue teams should be able to access your safe room with no trouble because its above ground.

All of our Safe Rooms are rated for an EF5 Tornado.  They have been tested by Texas Tech for an EF5 Tornado and have passed the impact test.  We have been building and installing storm shelters for over 7 years.