Texas Safe Room

Texas Safe Room
Steel Safe Rooms are a great option. Your Texas Safe Room is custom built for your needs. Each Safe Room is designed to protect against an EF5 Tornado and they meet and exceed FEMA standards.
Safe room design by Safe Rooms US

Your Texas Safe Room can protect you from a Tornado. At Safe Rooms US we install Safe Rooms in the DFW – Fort Worth Texas area. Each Safe Room is custom built to your needs. They have passed the Texas Test Impact Test and meet or exceed FEMA guidelines for an EF5 Tornado.

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Installed in 2 weeks in Texas

Your Texas Safe Room can be installed as a separate exterior room. Part of an existing home’s garage. Or in any room that is on a pre-manufactured home’s interior.

Safe Rooms Specifications

At US Safe Room and Tornado Shelters, we design safe rooms following FEMA standards. We use the Texas Tech Impact test to determine the strength and durability of our safe rooms. We also provide safe-room customization services to our clients. Our safe rooms are made from steel measuring ¼ inch in thickness with steel floors. There is a 36-inch steel-encased door that provides easy access for wheelchairs. The doors open in and out for quick access.

The structure of the room is held together using 5-inch long ¾ inch wide anchor bolts. Each bolt has a sheer strength of 10,000 Ibs to withstand strong tornado winds. Our safe rooms consist of two large vents for proper ventilation. All of our safe rooms have a standard height of 6’0″, but they can be customized to suit our client’s needs.

Texas Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

At US Safe Room and Tornado Shelters, we specialize in custom-built safe rooms that can be installed in a garage or anywhere on the property. Our safe rooms and storm shelters undergo the Texas Tech Impact test to check their withstanding power. Doing so helps us in determining whether a safe room can tolerate the impacts of an EF-5 tornado.

We make sure to deliver safe rooms within two weeks. Our in-house installers are skilled enough to unload the safe rooms carefully and install them within 30 to 45 minutes. Unlike other safe rooms and storm shelters, our safe rooms are designed with steel floors to provide a secure attachment to the ground.

Our safe rooms and storm shelters comply with FEMA standards 320 and ICC-500 standards.

Rest assured, you can rely on our safe rooms to keep your family safe during extreme weather events.