Plano Safe Room

Plano Safe Room
Steel Plano Safe Room is a great option. The Steel Plano Safe Room is custom built. Each Safe Room is designed to protect against an EF5 Tornado. They meet and exceed FEMA standards.
Safe room design by Safe Rooms US

Texans are a lot more prone to being hit by tornadoes than other parts of the country. Homeowners in Plano, TX can benefit from installing a tornado shelter on their property. FEMA recommends residents to invest in high-quality Above Ground Safe Rooms that protect them from tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Unlike basement shelters, Above Ground Safe Rooms are easily accessible. Residents don’t receive warnings for tornadoes and only have a few minutes to find shelter. It’s much quicker to run to an above ground tornado shelter than it is to run into a basement. If an emergency does strike, it’ll be easier for rescuers to locate safe rooms that are above ground.

Homeowners in Plano, TX that want to install safe room shelters can call Safe Rooms US a call. Our shelters gone through several impact tests and meet FEMA’s guidelines for EF5 Tornado.

Your Plano Safe Room can protect you from a Tornado. At Safe Rooms US we install Safe Rooms in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Sherman area. Our Safe Room design has passed the Texas Test Impact Test and meet/exceed FEMA guidelines for an EF5 Tornado.

You can call us at 469-629-6000 from 7am-10pm every day

Three years ago in the Dallas-Fort Worth area they got a powerful reminder that tornadoes can hit any time of year.  In 2015 that region experienced 76 tornadoes.  61 tornadoes had occurred by the end of June, the year culminated with 12 tornadoes on Dec. 26 that killed 13 people.  The tornado caused an estimated $41 million in property loss. People shouldn’t take the risks of tornadoes for granted, no matter what month it is.

Plano Safe Room

Our Safe Rooms meet or exceed FEMA standards and have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test


The Safe Rooms are Custom Built to any size you would like.