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If you live in Calera, OK, then you know that tornadoes may happen any time of year. This is why you should have a safe room shelter for your home in Calera, OK. At US Safe Room Tornado Shelters, we offer a range of underground tornado shelters that’ll keep your family safe during extreme weather. We also offer above-ground storm shelters in Calera, OK.

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We proudly serve an array of storm shelters in Calera, OK

We’re a leading provider of safe rooms in Calera, OK, and beyond. We have years of experience helping families stay safe during adverse conditions like a tornado. Our tornado shelters in Calera, OK, have been tested to withstand EF5 tornadoes.

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Get the safety you need with our safe rooms in Calera, OK

The intensity of tornadoes and extreme storms is so high that they injure and kill people in Oklahoma every year. Our safe room shelter in Calera, OK, can offer the safety you need from injury or death that can be caused by these harmful weather conditions. We install safe rooms and storm shelters in Calera, OK — they’re tested and engineered and can withstand the forces of flying debris and extreme wind.

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Our tornado shelters in Calera, OK, are designed and tested according to the highest quality standards

Don’t be caught off guard. If you live in Texas or Oklahoma, call us now; we can help you decide which of our shelters would be right for your property. We require every product to prove itself twice — once by our engineers and the other by passing the Texas Tech Impact Test.

Our tornado shelters in Calera, OK, are made to withstand high-magnitude tornadoes like F5 tornadoes. Their steel frame can sustain dangerous, strong tornado winds. If you’re looking for a reasonable storm shelter company in Texas, then consider us at US Safe Room Tornado Shelters.

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Why choose US Safe Room Tornado Shelters for safe rooms in Calera, OK?

We have more than 25 years of experience in the safe room and storm shelter industry. All of our safe rooms are custom-built. Our safe room will safeguard you, your family, and your business when it’s time to take shelter from Tornado.

We build above-ground steel safe room shelters that can tolerate an EF5 tornado. They have passed the Texas Impact Test and meet FEMA guidelines.

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