Sherman Safe Room

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Protect Your Family From Tornadoes With A Storm Safe Room’sShelter In Sherman, TX

Did you know that Texas is hit by a tornado every three days? The risk of tornadoes is significantly higher in Texas than in other parts of the country. Homeowners in Sherman, TX should invest in storm safe room shelters to protect them from tornadoes and hurricanes.

While the weather department can warn residents about hurricanes in advance, there’s no way to tell when a tornado may be forming near your home. People living in Sherman, TX need easy access to safe rooms in case a tornado is headed their way.

We’re experts in installing safe room shelters around Texas. Our Above Ground Safe Rooms meet FEMA’s guidelines for EF5 Tornado and have gone through the Texas Test Impact Test.

Installing a tornado shelter not only protects you from natural disasters but it also makes it easier to sell a home in Sherman, TX.