Safe Room FAQ

Safe Room FAQ that we have from our customers

Yes, with the new technology studies they show that when the Safe Room has been built to meet FEMA Requirements and have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test they are just as good as an underground shelter.

Yes, our Safe Room meet and exceed FEMA Standards.

Yes, our Safe Room have been tested by Texas Tech and they have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test.

When your Safe Room is delivered it is already built, so there is no assembly when we arrive with your Safe Room. Installation typically takes about 30-45 minutes.

We use anchor bolts every 12″. Each bolt has 10,000 pounds of sheer strength.

We use 1/4″ Steel in our Safe Rooms.

Our doors are 36″ wide and are wheelchair accessible.

Out Steel Safe Room’s are completely encased in Steel and they do have a Steel Floor.

Typically it takes about 7-10 days after we get a contract which includes how you would like to Safe Room built.

Yes, we have a 10 year warranty on our Safe Rooms against leaks or corrosion.