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Tornado and hurricane shelters are important home additions for millions of homes in risky areas. According to NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), an average of 1200 tornadoes occur every year in the US. While one can easily calculate the cost of damage, the loss of life is incalculable.

At US Safe Room Tornado Shelters, our safe rooms in Cooper, TX, are engineered and built beyond every FEMA-recommended safety standard. Our unique structures offer superior strength against wind shear and projectile impact.

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We are America’s preferred tornado shelter company

We offer the strongest, safest, and most affordable and comfortable shelters on the market. We don’t mess around with safety. We pride ourselves in our experienced, talented team of engineers, and we all have come together for a single reason: to ensure that our tornado shelters in Cooper, TX, save lives and remain the best of the best in the industry. If you’re committed to the safety of your people, then US Safe Room Tornado Shelters is your best choice.

We manufacture the finest storm shelter in Cooper, TX, and are a well-respected company and the industry leader in innovation and safety. We work daily with professionals, helping them plan, train, and design the right storm shelter for your needs.

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Protect your family with our above-ground storm shelter in Cooper, TX

A tornado may strike out of nowhere and cause immense destruction before you even know it. A tornado shelter from US Safe Room Tornado Shelters can safeguard your family in your time of need. If you have been considering a tornado shelter in Cooper, TX, don’t put off safeguarding your family. Reach out to us now for a custom storm shelter!

Our experts at US Safe Room Tornado Shelters will help you determine the best shelter for you and your family. We’ll review all of the details that go into each of our safe room shelters in Cooper, TX, to keep you and your family safe.

We’ll give you complete control in terms of customizing the safe room or tornado shelter while maximizing the space available to keep your family safe and comfortable.

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Why choose US Safe Room Tornado Shelters for safe rooms in Cooper, TX?

We have over 25 years of experience in the safe room industry. All of our safe rooms are custom-built — they’ll protect you, your family, and your business when it’s time to take shelter from tornadoes.

We build above-ground steel safe room shelters that can tolerate an EF5 tornado. They have passed the Texas Impact Test and meet FEMA guidelines.

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