3 Investments That Help Employees Feel Safe During Tornado Season

For eight hours a day, while you’re at work, you’re in charge of your employees’ mental and physical health. It might seem daunting, but if you invest in the right interventions, it’s incredibly easy. Plus, it’s no secret that a safe workplace is also a productive workplace!

During tornado season, a lot of employees get apprehensive about going to work. This could be due to anxiety about not feeling safe in their workplace, among many other factors.

As a manager, it’s your duty to make the right arrangements to keep your employees calm. Here are some crucial investments that can help your work family pass the season with little to no worries!

Conduct First Aid Sessions

Tornados and storms often bring unprecedented health emergencies with them. From panic attacks to physical injuries, it’s important that your employees know how to work together to solve the problem.

With the right knowledge, you and your employees can reduce panic in the workplace and tend to emergencies as soon as possible. You can conduct first aid training sessions that go over first responder basics to give your employees more confidence during an emergency situation.

Additionally, the practice also boosts employee morale, as they notice that their workplace prioritizes their safety.

Stock Up On Essentials  

Depending on how dangerous weather conditions are and how far employees are from their homes, they might have to stay back at the office. Staying away from home may be stressful, but you should try your best to calm their nerves by providing them with all the essentials they need.

Stock up on emergency equipment—ranging from flashlights and sanitary napkins to water and canned food. Also pass around a survey asking employees what they might need in the office and provide them with the essentials. You can also keep them in the loop about all that you have stocked up so they know you’re looking out for their needs.

Build A Safe Space

The best way to guarantee your employees’ safety and well-being is by investing in a storm shelter. Not only are they impact-resistant, but they also are a tried and test source of protection for everyone in the workplace.


We, at Safe Rooms US, provide steel tornado shelters in Texas. Our shelters are wheel-chair accessible and have been tested to withstand the impact of flying debris. We customize our safe rooms according to your specifications and fit up to 150 people in our spacious shelters.

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