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3 Types of Natural Disasters and How to Protect Yourself From Them

While you can never be sure when the next natural disaster will hit, it’s possible to be quick on your feet and move yourself and your loved ones to safety. There are various forms of natural disasters, and each has to be dealt with differently and with caution to increase the chances of making it out safely.


Typically, the recommended solution for escaping a flood is to get to higher ground where water doesn’t reach. While it’s an ideal solution, it can become difficult due to space constraints and logistical reasons to get to an elevated space at times. A great solution is to hunker down in an underground bunker, as these are built to withstand large torrents of water from breaking inside.

heavy floods

Their placement also prevents them from floating away, due to their bolted design and heavy reinforcements all around.


A storm shelter or safe room is the best option to resort to in the event of a tornado. The CDC generally recommends them, along with other means of being away from open areas. The goal is to reduce contact and proximity with the direct effects of the tornado. Make sure to stay away from wooden doors, pieces of furniture, and windows that are bound to break and cause damage due to strong winds.

You can easily outlast several days within a storm shelter in the event of a tornado, though you will require resources like food and water to do so.


Safe rooms are heavily fortified structures, and can withstand quite the beating in the event of an earthquake. They have safety mechanisms built in for the door to prevent them from abruptly opening up, along with a steel surface to ensure sturdy support when the conditions become unstable on the ground.

You can never know when the next natural disaster can strike in your area, so it’s best to always be cautious. Some areas are more prone than others, so pre-emption is equal to prevention for them in particular. At US Safe Rooms Tornado Shelters, we offer safe rooms and storm shelters that exceed FEMA guidelines for an EF-5 storm, along with Texas Tech Impact Test clearance.

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