A fire in the US

3 Types of Natural Disasters and The Areas in the US that are Most Prone

If you’re living in the US, you must have experienced and encountered various natural disasters throughout your life. There’s no doubt that natural disasters cause loss of life and destruction of property. Learning about which areas in the US are most prone to natural disasters helps the state and citizens to prepare a response to deal with this calamity.

This prior knowledge reduces the impact and effect of natural disasters as more and more people become aware of what to do in such situations. Here are some types of natural disasters and which areas in the US are most prone:


Heavy rainfall or snowcaps melting at a high pace can cause water to flow shore and submerge whatever comes in their way. Floods are known to cause immense property damage and can lead to death in cases of electrocution or heavy flooding.

Cars submerged in flooding


In recent times, we have seen an increase in the number of wildfires happening in the US. It is said that humans are known to be the leading cause of wildfires, and some of these causes include careless smoking, unattended campfires, faulty power lines, and much more.

The most wildfire-prone states in the US include California, Arizona, and Nevada.


Tornadoes are violent columns of air that move at the speed of lightning. They are usually formed when warm air comes into contact with cold air, eventually producing thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can engulf everything in their path, destroying anything and everything.

The most tornado-prone areas in the US are in Tornado Alley and include the region from Texas to Iowa, which also takes encapsulating Kansas and Nebraska and extending to Ohio. The most violent tornadoes include EF-5 category tornadoes.

How to Protect Yourself from Natural Disasters

While most of us are aware of the essential guidelines to follow to ensure safety and protection from these natural calamities, one way to secure your safety is by investing in steel safe rooms.

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