A tornado in a field

A Quick Guide to Surviving a Tornado

A tornado is a column of air that extends from thunderstorms and rotates violently. While they can develop anywhere, they are particularly dangerous in North America. Every year, approximately 1,000 tornadoes strike the United States, killing 80 people, injuring 1,500 people, and causing billions of dollars in damage.

Tornadoes can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know what to do. It is critical to know how to survive a tornado in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Here are some pointers.

Stay Alert

Since there’s a big difference between a tornado warning and a tornado watch, it’s important to know what each one means.

Determine the circumstance and determine when you should be aware and if you should act. Keep a watch out for outdoor sirens, but also keep a close eye on the television news. Turn on the radio as well for added security. Furthermore, keep your smartphone charged and notifications clear to ensure that you receive your alerts on time.

If there’s a chance of a tornado forming, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Heavy rain or hail
  • Changes in wind speed and direction
  • Roaring clouds
  • Strong rotation in the cloud base

Get to a Safe Place if Outside

If you’re outside, seek shelter as soon as possible, and even then, make a wise decision. If you’re outside, keep a safe distance from overpasses, tight tunnels, trees, and free-standing items such as your car. If you find yourself in an indoor space, avoid the higher floors and head to an inside hallway.

Avoid going inside retail or department stores, warehouses, or any open area. Instead, seek out a small enclosed space much further away from the building’s outside walls.

Get a Safe Room

Those who live in areas prone to deadly storms and high wind tornadoes can notably benefit from safe rooms because they are designed to provide effective protection. Pack your stuff accordingly and equip your shelter with all the necessities that can help you last at least a few days in case there is excessive damage, and a rescue mission takes time to get you out.

Homeowners are also advised to deal exclusively with licensed contractors, which in the case of Texas is US Safe Rooms.

A gray safe room shelter on a container

US Safe rooms is a company that deals in exclusive steel above-ground storm shelters. We can attach safe rooms to your house and protect you from being injured by a tornado. We offer tornado shelters and community bunkers to clients in Arlington, Plano, Oklahoma, Dallas, and other areas of Texas. If you’re looking for an above-ground safe room or a tornado shelter room, contact us today.

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