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Crucial Safety Instructions for Families If a Tornado Hits

You’ve received the news online or on your cellphone that a tornado might be near. Now’s the time to take action.

Tornadoes are fearsome creations and can be extremely unpredictable. So, don’t even think about going out of the house, so that you can check or take a photo of a tornado coming by. Here are some things you should do if a tornado is imminent.

How to Stay Safe During a Tornado

–          Know the Difference Between a Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning

According to the National Weather Service, a tornado watch is a sign to be prepared. This means that either a tornado could touch down in your area or it’s in the watch area. In such circumstances, you must gather all members of the house, gather blankets, wear jackets and bike helmets to protect yourself from any flying debris and wait, just in case.

With a tornado warning, you must take action. This means a tornado has touched down and could be headed your way. If you’re in a house, go to the lowest floor, or a room in the deepest part of the house, preferably a closet. If you’re in a mobile home, move to the closest shelter or facility to stay safe.

–          Create a Plan and Know Where to Go

If you don’t have a safe room already installed on your property, you may have a problem on your hands, especially if you have a bigger family.

Prevent injuries by identifying which areas of your home are safe. If you have a basement, head down there and use blankets or sleeping bags to cover everyone up. Do not go anywhere near the windows, water heaters, gas lines, or wires. If you have an emergency kit, do not forget to bring it with you. Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy. Also, keep battery-powered flashlights and a pack of new batteries as well as a battery-powered radio with you so that you can stay informed.

–          Take Shelter the Right Way

Cover all members of the family with the blanket or sleeping bag so that they can stay safe from debris or flying glass. If there’s a table where you’re keeping shelter, get under it. If you have pets, keep them in your arms and quiet so that their barking or wrangling doesn’t cause more problems. Also, if you have a small child, it’s best to use earplugs and keep their head down, so they don’t get scared.

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Taking Care of the Future

As a parent, there’s so much you have to deal with when preparing for a tornado. So, make things easier for yourself by investing in a safe room.

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