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Crucial Storm Safety Tips For Families With Children

Tropical storm Isaias, Hurricane Hanna, Potential Storm Nine—safe to say, the following months in the United States are going to be eventful.

With the weather system in the U.S. gearing up to be an extra tumultuous stormy season, homeowners are rushing to get the necessities, so they can hunker down, safe and sound. But for the parents among us with kids who will scream at every clap of thunder, this annual season requires even more care.

Thunderstorms can be frightening. And with the recent history of thunderstorms, causing havoc in most vulnerable areas, parents are now further concerned that their children may not be so well-prepared. So, what should we do?

Here are some storm safety tips every parent should know.

A Storm Safety Guide For Kids

In addition to preparing your home for a storm, like investing in a storm shelter, stocking it with all necessities for your care, and more, below are some necessary details that parents should teach their children:

Be Careful If There’s Lightning

Lightning strikes are quite common during thunderstorms. Teach your children to stay indoors if they spot any dark clouds and currents. Also, teach them to avoid water if there’s ever fear of a thunderstorm. Water is a good conductor of electricity. You don’t want them to come near water like if they were to take a shower, wash their hands, or the dishes, or laundry.

Also, teach them to be prepared and charge all electrical equipment well before they see the storm system developing. Lightning strikes and heavy wind can cause power fluctuations and power outages, which in turn can cause your computers to fuse or break if you’re not careful.

Lightning Strikes

Head To The Shelter If There’s A Tornado

Tornadoes in the U.S. are common, especially during the monsoon season.

Run tornado drills at home, so your children know where to go if there is a tornado warning. Also, teach them to know the outward signs of a tornado so that they can stay informed as well. As soon as a tornado warning is issued, make sure they run to the tornado shelter and hide.

If you have any young children in the house, get the oldest kid to guide the little ones to safety.

Be Prepared for a Hurricane

Those in Southern Texas who thought they didn’t require hurricane safety may have to think twice, now that Hurricane Hanna has wreaked enough havoc.

Hurricanes cause high winds, sometimes more than 100 miles an hour, and can cause severe flooding in places, forcing people to evacuate. If the time to evacuate hasn’t come yet, get your children to prepare the shelter beforehand. Keep a battery-powered radio and extra batteries, excess food and clean water, flashlights, blankets, clothes, bin bags, battery-powered fans, and more.

Don’t wait for the storm to get worse.

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Invest in a shelter and teach your children how to handle a shelter so that they can help. We’re still going through the beginning days of our monsoon season. Prepare now, and you’ll thank us later!

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