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How to Help Your Pets Stay Calm during Tornadoes and Thunderstorms

Animals can get worked up during thunderstorms. Like humans, they are also terrified by the noises made during storms. Some animals have it harder than others. They express their emotions by getting loud against the thunder or by recoiling in fear. You will be required to deal with them to calm down and stay comfortable when the weather gets worse.

Following these tips, you can help your animals be relaxed during a tornado or a thunderstorm:

Spend Time with Your Pet

If your pets have exhibited fear of thunderstorms in the past or are generally afraid of loud noises, they might require your due attention. If a storm or a tornado is expected, try to spend some time with your pet during the event. You can also ask a friend or an acquaintance for the company to ease the animal’s anxiety.

Put Them in A Quiet Place

Find a spot that is the quietest in the house during thunderstorms. Keep your pet there for the most part. If your pet sleeps in a bed, keep that bed in that particular part. This will help them relax.

Play Sounds They Like

There’s a chance that you might not have a sound-proof room in your house. In that case, play some sounds that your pet likes. Turn up the volume high to hear the sounds better than they can listen to the loud roaring of the thunder.

Distract Them

Keep your pet distracted with activities that make them feel good. Activities such as games like fetch will keep their attention on the game rather than the roars of the thunder. Being loud with them will only make matters worse.

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Calming Remedies

Give your pet their favorite treat. Hold them close and pet them, which boosts their mood as well. If your pet is attracted to a particular smell, try to apply it around. Animals are particularly sensitive to smells and finding an aroma that they are familiar with and like, can be useful for keeping them satisfied.

The safest place to be during a tornado or a thunderstorm is in a safe shelter. Traffic gets disrupted, loss of land and life occurs when the weather conditions get out of hand. Precaution is crucial, and you can never be too safe. When the going gets tough, you’re going to want to be in a storm shelter.

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