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Storm Safety for Pets

Many people think about stocking up on rations, water, and blankets when storms and other natural disasters strike. While you can fend for yourself, your pets are at the most risk during a storm, as natural disasters and extreme weather conditions are terrifying experiences. During storms, pets and other domesticated animals get lost and feel disoriented. Your pets are dependent on you and your responsibility. Don’t leave them behind if they need to evacuate. Here’s what you need to do and take care of to keep your furry and non-furry friends safe.

Emergency Kits Go a Long Way

Prepare one ahead of time. Your pet’s emergency kit should include at least the following items:

  • Medications required by your pet and their vaccination history,
  • Food and medicine for at least five days,
  • Extra leashes and pet harnesses,
  • Pet carrier,
  • Garbage bags, a scooper, and a litter box for the pets,
  • The latest photograph of your pet, their description, and any identification,
  • Written instructions about what your pets eat, their behavioral issues, and other vital instructions, if any, as well as
  • Grooming items, paper towels, and blankets.

Have an Evacuation Plan in Place

A white rain-drenched dog

With the whole world digitalized and at your fingertips, it’s easy to have an evacuation plan when disaster strikes. Don’t forget to include your pets in your evacuation plan. At times, pet owners cannot take their pets along with them because the emergency shelters in their area don’t allow pets inside. To avoid such situations, search for a pet hotel or a storm shelter that takes in pets in case of natural disasters and extreme weather situations.

Up-to-Date Identification

It’s better and safer for your pets to have up-to-date identification like a collar with emergency contact details on it in case they get lost or misplaced. A storm comes with heavy winds, and at times, a pet’s collar and identification tags often get misplaced. Here, microchips are your best bet. A microchip contains a small GPS device that works as digital identification when scanned. Please note that this microchip won’t reveal the present location of your pet but will provide you with the contact information of their microchip company and the pet’s identification number.

Once someone calls the microchip company, they will receive the pet owner’s contact details and any necessary medical information.

When storms and other natural disasters strike, it’s always better to look out for your pets, though, with disaster preparations, it’s necessary to keep your safety in mind. This is where US Safe Room Tornado Shelters come in with our custom-made safe rooms and storm shelters that can withstand even an EF5 Tornado.

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