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Survive an F5 Tornado: Choose a Go-To Shelter in Your House

Your and your family’s safety is important in a time of extreme weather crisis. Do you have a go-to place in the house in case a tornado or severe hurricane strikes? To survive a tornado as violent as F5, National Weather Service (NWS) recommends an underground or lowest place possible at your home or building.

Read on to find the tips to identify your go-to shelter in the time of a tornado.

Interior Room

If you don’t have an underground safe space, you still have many options to survive an extreme tornado. Find the smallest and safest room in your house closer to the ground and farthest into the building. NWS recommends these options:

  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Spaces under stairwells
  • Closets

Underground Space

Your home’s basement serves as an adequate shelter in case of a tornado. Make sure that the stop you have picked isn’t beneath any heavy appliance or furniture, NWS notes. You can also get under sturdy furniture or stairwell for additional safety.

If your basement is not completely underground, find a place that is farthest from windows. For example, your home’s storm cellar can be used as a safe spot.

Once you’re in the shelter place, follow these guidelines:

  • Crouch down protect your head
  • Keep away from walkways, lobbies, atriums, or other large glassed areas if you’re outside your home
  • If you’re stuck outside, go to the nearest building for shelter
  • Keep a cell phone or flashlight if possible
  • For potential radioactive or chemical releases, choose a shelter above ground level
  • The crisis can last for hours. Be vigilant of seating arrangement
  • Remain in the safe space until the situation subsides
  • Once the situation clears, open your doors and windows for ventilation

Other Additional Options

The best way to keep you and your family safe is to build storm safe room in your house. Violent tornadoes like F5 can sweep off tall buildings. You should ensure the safety of your family with a specially built tornado shelter.

Get a custom-built tornado shelter room. These sturdy shelters are specially built to protect against extreme weather conditions and violent tornadoes. Storm safe rooms protect you and your family by increasing the chances of survival.

A storm shelter

You can invest in an in-ground or above-ground storm shelter, depending on your family’s needs. Safe Rooms US offers is a FEMA-recognized company that builds custom tornado shelters according to your needs. The size ranges from 4’x4′ to 10’x25′ and can accommodate your family.

Talk to a representative today and get your free estimate.

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