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The History of Storm Shelters

When a tornado or severe thunderstorm is coming, time is critical. These thunderstorms and tornadoes produce winds of over one hundred miles per hour. These winds are powerful and pick up everything along the way while turning wholly normal and safe objects into high-speed missiles. These winds are capable of causing immense harm to human life, vehicles, animals, and property. It’s safer to take shelter from these winds; however, your house isn’t strong enough to protect you.

Why Now?

2021 wasn’t a good year in American history because of the severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricane warnings being issued repeatedly. In this year alone, the American people saw twenty such natural disasters alone, leading to a record-breaking loss of at least $145 billion in their wake. People have realized how painful and heart-wrenching these situations are, and this is why they feel that storm shelters in Fort Worth are essential.

Uses of Storm Shelters

When there’s an emergency and warnings have been issued by the government to take shelter, people can camp out in storm shelters to protect themselves from tornadoes, thunderstorms, and other natural disasters. While quite a few shelters were underground in the past, nowadays, this isn’t always so. While most shelters are located near your property or inside your homes, they can also be custom-built as a separate above-ground unit. This is where US Safe Home Tornado Shelters comes in.

A storm shelter is built using various materials and can be custom-made as per a client’s requirements. There are commercialized storm shelters available, which are of a more standardized version.

Types of Storm Shelters

There are quite a few storm shelters available in the market.

In-Ground Shelters

As their name suggests, in-ground shelters are built-in inside or beneath the ground. These in-ground storm shelters are also known as underground bunkers or storm cellars. The first storm shelter was built in the early 1900s as a type of storm cave; later on, someone attached a door to it, and storm shelters like those produced now came into existence.

In-ground storm shelters in Fort Worth typically run parallel to the ground and are designed so that debris slides off them. In-ground covers are mostly made of either concrete or rebar. In-ground shelters do not have to be located outside the house, and they can be located in your garage as well. These shelters usually have an emergency exit if the main exit is blocked by debris.

Above-Ground Shelters

Above-ground shelters, as their name suggests, are situated above the ground. These shelters can be placed anywhere in the home, even in the basement or inside the closet. These shelters were initially designed for disabled people who found it hard to navigate in-ground shelters with their steep, dark, and narrow steps. These shelters are similar in strength and durability to the in-ground storm shelters. These shelters can also protect you and your family against intruders.

At US Safe Home Tornado Shelters, we understand that choosing a storm shelter is a serious decision, and we can help you choose the best storm shelter for your home according to your and your family’s needs. You can even ask us to customize one for you.

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