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Tips To Keep Children Safe During a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods can be frightening and dangerous for everyone. However, they can be traumatic for children who may not understand what is happening or how to stay safe.

Research shows that children under 18 are more vulnerable during natural disasters and are likely to experience mental health problems. They may experience fear, sleep disruption, and nightmares that can cause them to become irritated and anxious. Therefore, it’s essential for parents to mentally and physically prepare their children for a natural disaster.

Let’s talk safety! As a parent, it’s your responsibility to take extra precautions to protect your children during natural disasters. Here are some tips to prepare and protect your children during a natural disaster.

Educate Them About Natural Disasters

Talking to children about natural disasters is the first step to preparing them. Educate them about natural disasters, what they are, and how to stay safe during one. You can use pictures but limit graphic images. Teach them to interpret different signs and signals for impending disasters and go over safety tips.

Create a Family Emergency Plan

When you’re making an emergency plan, make sure your kids are a part of the process. Involve them in a discussion about what to do during a natural disaster. Tell them the action plan regarding what to do, what not to do, where to go, and who to contact in an emergency. If you have a storm shelter in your house, you can ask your children to go there directly.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit should have essential items like water, non-perishable food, blankets, first aid supplies, a flashlight, a battery-powered radio, etc. Tell your kids the importance of this emergency kit and keep it in a place where it’s easily accessible by your children. You can also store these essentials in a safe room.


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Practice Drills

Kids can learn better through activities, play, and experiments. Practice emergency drills with your children, such as tornado and fire drills, so they know what to do in an emergency. It can help them feel more prepared and less anxious when a disaster strikes.

Ensure Safety During Evacuation

Ensure your children are with you or another trusted adult during an evacuation. Keep them close, ask them to remember the practice drills, and hold their hand while moving to a safe location. When entering a safe room, help them get in first.

parents helping a girl put on a helmet

Comfort Them

Natural disasters are traumatic for children, especially when they are separated from their parents. During a natural disaster, it’s important to provide comfort and reassurance that they are safe. Explain what is happening and what they can do to stay calm.

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