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Warning Bells: Protect Your Home During a Storm

Do you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Florida? We bet you have had enough of thunderstorms and lightning. From home damage to posing a huge threat to the safety of your loved ones, storms can be distressing. But you can ensure that you come out safely from the ordeal using the following tips and tricks. Continue reading to learn more.

Vacate Your Yard and Inspect the Trees

You might be wondering what your yard or the trees have got to do with storms. Well, there’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s begin with the fact that a weak or loose branch on a tree can break off and damage your vehicle, or your house during a storm.

Moreover, things that you leave unattended in your backyard or garden can either suffer severe damage, or cause damage to your home. They can fly into the storm and thump against your house, or they could simply break and tear. Either way, inspecting your yard and vacating it is necessary.

Install a Safe Room

For areas such as Dallas and Fort Worth, where they experience rain and thunder year round, installing a safe room shelter is a good choice. It ensures that you and your loved ones stay out of harm’s reach when the warning bells of an approaching storm are tolling on the news.

Safe rooms, also known as panic rooms, are small spaces that are built with sturdy materials that stand upright in a storm and protect the people inside it. It can be installed in your garage, basement, or even in your backyard.

Turn Off all Electrical Appliances

We’re sure that you must be aware what havoc electricity and water can cause when they get mixed together. So, when there’s a storm raging outside, and there’s even the slightest chance that water might trickle into the walls or plumbing of your house, avoid using electrical appliances.

Not only should you not use them, but you should also switch them off and unplug them to stay safe. This helps prevent accidents and fires in your home.

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Invest in Storm Shutters

Consider these as covers for your glass windows and doors, not unlike a car cover for protection against weather. You can also install impact resistant shutters or glass so they won’t break easily and wreak havoc inside your home.

Investing in storm shutters is necessary not only because they protect glass on the windows and doors from cracking, but also because it ensures that your roof doesn’t unhinge and fly off during the storm due to upward pressure.

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