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2020 Weather Predictions and Why You Should Be Concerned

The Atlantic hurricane season is about to begin, and meteorologists are concerned. With the COVID-19 crisis taking center stage, most people aren’t paying attention to the potentially more dangerous circumstances we may soon face.

As of May 2020, the general weather has not been favoring the U.S. 489 tornadoes have already made landfall in and around tornado-prone areas, resulting in over 70 casualties. Experts have also indicated that there is a 69 percent chance that at least one major hurricane will make landfall along the U.S. coastline. There’s also a 95 percent chance that one hurricane will make landfall and cause damage in the U.S.

With such predictions, some experts are asking for homeowners to practice caution if they live in a potentially dangerous zone.

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Weather Conditions

–          Prepare

In addition to preparing emergency kits and placing them within reach, if a storm or tornado hits, we also recommend thinking ahead about your hiding spots in case you need to hunker down. As tornado season approaches, many people in tornado-prone areas like Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, have purchased safe rooms, so they have a safe place to go to.

Safe rooms are also perfect for safety against storms and hurricanes. If you can, consider investing in storm shelters.

–         Take Weather Warnings Seriously

If a warning is issued for you to seek safety, don’t brave the weather and walk about outdoors. Some weather conditions, such as tornadoes, start gradually and can pick up speed almost instantly. You may put yourself at risk of being struck by flying debris. Do not go outside. Make sure every member of the household is accounted for and is safe.

loved ones

–         Pre-Plan for the More Vulnerable Loved Ones

Seventy-five percent of the victims of Hurricane Katrina were older adults. If you have older loved ones at home, take pre-emptive measures to ensure their safety. U.S. Safe Rooms offers accessibility-friendly tornado shelters for this very reason. Purchase all the necessary equipment to help them move safely, and assign an older child in the family to help them in case of a tornado or storm.

–         Prepare for Your Pets

It’s a tragic fact, but pets are more often either left behind or abandoned during storms and tornadoes. If you can’t take care of your pet, consider putting them up for adoption, so they can find a family that is more equipped to handle them. If not, train your pets to head for the safe room in case of any danger. Especially if they’re outdoor pets, they’ll need to be trained to sprint as fast as for shelter so that they can be safe.


Taking the above steps now will help significantly in ensuring your safety. Follow the plan and invest in safer options for your loved ones. It’s the best thing we can do!


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