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Keeping Your Family Safe During a Tornado: FEMA Guidelines for Home Tornado Shelters

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a tornado

Natural disasters are becoming more common, so FEMA recommends that individuals and communities take the necessary safety measures as outlined in their guidelines. American citizens are constructing tornado shelters to shield themselves from twisters and flying objects. An underground storm shelter is a necessity for those who value their lives during severe weather.

For most people, constructing a safe room will be a one-time expense, so careful planning is essential. If you’re considering installing a safe room in your house, here are some important factors.

1. How Many People Can It Accommodate?

If you’re planning on constructing a safe room, it’s important to think about how many people you’ll need to shelter, any unique needs anyone in your family may have, and even any pets you might have. You should think about how crucial it is to access things like food, water, shelter, electricity, and communication.

People should have at least a radio, a torch, and some blankets in their safe room. To improve the convenience of your tornado shelter, you can bring a handful of additional items. Examples include mattresses, waste disposal containers, radios, toiletries, and games.

2. Is There Enough Room For Fresh Air?

If you’re going to be locked up in a tornado shelter, you must need ventilation. Safe rooms often feature a substantial layer of insulated concrete forms, which are typically installed after the windows and doors have been locked.

There could be many people, pets, and necessary resources in safe rooms, yet there might not be any ventilation. Only safe rooms that meet FEMA’s air-handling requirements should be considered. If there aren’t at least two vents, something is missing.

3. Does It Have The Necessary Features?

A telephone, enabling both making and receiving calls, is a standard feature of safe rooms. One way to guarantee communication with authorities in the case of an emergency is to set up internet and phone connectivity within the tornado shelter. Both tailored and prefabricated tornado shelter concepts have fully functional living spaces, including bedrooms.

Knowing your limitations and the numerous measures you can take to protect yourself is essential when natural disasters are likely. Having access to a secure area can help you calm down.

If you or someone you know is looking for a FEMA-approved tornado shelter, then Safe Room US is your best option. We are one of the best providers of storm shelters, safe rooms, tornado shelters in Texas.

We have helped thousands of residents in Tornado Alley get a tornado shelter that meets the requirements of their households. Our tornado shelters are made from the highest-quality materials, allowing them to withstand the strongest of storms. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get a tornado shelter that meets your needs.

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A newly forming tornado in Texas

What Causes Tornadoes and Why Are They So Dangerous?

Texas has more than its fair share of dramatic weather. Sometimes it’s majestic and beautiful, but sometimes it’s just scary.

One weather event that’s particularly prevalent in Texas and slides most easily into the scary category is the widely feared tornado. These storms are so intense that many build dedicated safe rooms in their homes to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

At US Safe Room Tornado Shelters, we’ve built many a safe room shelter in Dallas, TX, and we work to ensure that Texans are fully aware of the potential threats to their safety. Check out this blog post about why even your little ones should know about what a tornado is.

What Is A Tornado?

What differentiates a tornado from a regular windstorm is the conical shape that it’s famed for. As opposed to a hurricane, which is strong winds, temperatures cause these winds to rotate around a center point called “the eye”. While the eye is completely still with little wind, the winds that create the shape are strong enough to merit the building of custom safe rooms.

How Do They Form?

Once a thunderstorm occurs, there is always a chance of it developing into a tornado. However, local weather is particularly conducive to these twisters because when the humid air interacts with the dry, chilly storm air, the updraft leads to rotations. The faster the winds move, the more likely this is to happen.

This rotating air is called a mesocycle, and if it continues long enough, it can pull in more humid air, which in turn makes for a faster spin. The visible funnel shape is formed of water droplets being spun around at such a high speed they appear to form a solid shape.

The most dangerous of these storms have laid waste to whole cities, so it’s strongly encouraged to invest in custom safe rooms in Fort Worth.

What Are The Dangers Associated With Them?

Tornadoes are known for ripping apart everything in their path, but apart from destroying personal property, these winds are strong enough to send trains flying, flip cars, and uproot trees.

Furthermore, with the added danger of shrapnel and debris that continues to gather in the funnel, there’s no shortage of things that can go wrong.

How Can I Stay Safe?

Living in Texas, tornadoes are a part of the lifestyle. The best thing to do is to prepare comprehensively. Make sure your storm shelter is installed by a reliable business and can accommodate your whole family, pets included. Also, make sure there’s plenty of space for supplies and any valuables.

Post tornado wreckage in Texas

Texas holds the record for most tornadoes on average, which is about 120 a year. Tornado shelters here are more of a necessity than a precaution. US Safe Room Tornado Shelters can install your choice of shelter in two weeks, be it a steel tornado shelter or safe rooms Dallas or several other Texas locations.

If you’d like to get started on your precautions, call us at 469-629-6000.

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Does a Tornado Shelter Really Work?

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Tornado shelters, also known as panic rooms and safe rooms are the ultimate way to protect lives when there’s a thunderstorm approaching. They can not only be customized in size and shape, but the installation can be done in multiple places. Your garage and basement are just one of the few places where you can easily install a safe room. Continue reading to learn how safe they actually are.

Made of the Sturdiest Materials

Originally, storm shelters were made out of concrete and steel, but recently, fiberglass is gaining popularity as a leading choice for safe room production. Because it carries so much weight, and is usually built underground, a tornado has next to no effect on tornado shelters.

They’re Built to Withstand Storms and Strong Winds

Usually, a storm shelter is built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and thunders. Category 5 hurricanes can wreak havoc in any area and turn it upside down with the sheer magnitude of the winds they carry, but a storm shelter is durable enough to provide protection to the people inside it. Since it’s made from durable materials, you can rest assured that you can remain safe during a storm.

A champagne colored lightning strike racing against a charcoal sky

Storm Shelters are Approved by FEMA

FEMA, which stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, issues guidelines for the production of storm shelters. Once a safe room meets the criteria, or better, surpasses them, you can sit back and relax knowing that it will provide you protection from storms and high winds.

FEMA observes and records such natural disasters, and only then comes up with updated guidelines for maximum protection. So, it’s a given that any tornado shelter that’s built according to these guidelines will keep you out of harm’s way during a thunderstorm.

Install a Safe Room in Your Home Today

Now that you know all there’s to know about tornado shelters, you might be looking forward to installing one in your home. Safe Rooms US makes safe rooms approved by FEMA, and can install garage shelters and underground bunkers for storm safety within 10 days of placing an order.

To learn more about their services in Dallas and the surrounding areas and how they can customize a design for you, check out their website.

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Underground vs. Above Ground Tornado Shelter Rooms

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The frenzied comments like „you won’t survive a tornado if you’re not underground” can be misleading. Safe rooms can equally save lives and increase your chances of survival. Let’s find out what is underground and above-ground storm shelter rooms and compare their benefits.

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tornado shelter room

Tornado Shelter Rooms: How to Get Best Value for Your Money

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Are your house or building prepared for the next storm?

Tornado shelters in Texas can withstand any violent storm. They stay anchored during extreme violent conditions to protect occupants from flying debris and strong winds. Knowing which shelter to install can be tricky.

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How to Prepare for Tornado If You Have Pets?

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Whether you’ve always been a pet owner or just brought a furry family member home, one thing is certain: a natural disaster is a time to prepare. Many of us consider pets family members and would go to great lengths to protect our pets during an emergency.

Here are some tips for preparing for tornadoes if you have pets.

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The Suitable Fit: Underground or Above Ground Safe Rooms?

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Frequent tornadoes are one of the most common natural hazards in the United States. In 2020, there were 1,075 tornadoes reported.

While you can’t do too much to keep your home safe, you can take steps to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe. One of these steps in having a storm shelter installed.

If you’re unsure about the differences between underground and above-ground storm shelters, you’re at the right place. Find out the type of safe room shelter that suits your needs best by learning more about both in this blog post.

Things To Know about Above-Ground Storm Shelters

Easier To Get Into

There have been some situations where underground safe rooms were so hidden under debris that searching for them became unnecessarily difficult and dangerous. Whereas, above ground storm shelters are easily accessible.

Easier To Move

People do move homes often, and moving an underground safe room would be a challenging and expensive procedure. On the other hand, moving above-ground storm shelters is relatively easier.

Cheaper Installation

Above-ground storm shelters can be placed anywhere with enough space. It is anchored on concrete slabs on the ground. As compared to installing underground shelters, which is a lengthier and more expensive process as it involves digging.

Things To Know About Underground Safe Room Shelters

More Protected

Underground shelters are built up of steel and concrete. Since they are placed underneath, they are better protected from heavy winds and rain.

Risk Of Flooding

This is one of the major concerns for homeowners with underground shelters. There are cases where people have died drowning in flash flooding and heavy rains followed by the storm.

Accumulation of Debris

Accumulation of debris causes the underground safe room shelter’s door to jam. The homeowners end up being trapped for a long time since they can’t open the door.

You can weigh the pros and cons of both types of safe room shelters and can form a calculated decision accordingly. Our team would suggest you build above-ground storm shelters that are more cost-effective and safer.

Contact us at 469-629-6000 for further inquiries.

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Should You Get an Above-Ground or In-Ground Shelter?

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Storm shelters come in two major categories — above-ground shelters and in-ground shelters. Wondering which one is better? Well, that’s a debate. Where some people believe underground shelters are safer, many prefer to install above-ground shelters in their homes.

Here we’ll go through some factors that distinguish the underground and aboveground shelters, to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

Underground shelters

underground shelters

Underground or in-ground shelters are mostly placed under the garage or in yards. They are typically built from concrete or steel. They perform maximum security because of their strategic positioning.

In 2021, approximately 784 tornadoes occurred in the US alone. When a windstorm occurs, there is a risk of getting injuries from the flying wreckage. Besides, tornadoes can also cause serious damage to the house equipment and materials. According to a report by Aon, around $10 billion of insured losses take place in the United States because of these storms. An underground shelter can protect you from significant damage.

That said, many researchers think that underground shelters are prone to numerous risks. Oftentimes, windstorms are followed by floods or heavy rain. In such cases, people can get trapped in the underground and even drown in the flood.

Above-ground shelters

Above-ground shelters can be seamlessly integrated into a home as a pantry, closet, or small room. These days above-ground are generally preferred more because of their ease of accessibility.

Although above-ground shelters can take up some of your living space, they can come in handy when an emergency arises. Besides, they are less prone to critters, water seepage, and flooding risks.

Above-ground shelters are also a more suitable option for elderly or disabled individuals. When an emergency arises, you don’t have time to drag down the wheelchair and they don’t have enough strength to go down steep stairs. Above-ground shelters, therefore, are ideal for individuals with limited mobility.

Today, above-ground shelters are generally equipped with cutting-edge technology and come with more user-friendly and customizable options. For instance, an above-ground shelter with a sliding door can prevent the residents from getting trapped. What’s more is that above-ground shelters are modular, which means that you can conveniently relocate and/or expand them according to your needs. They also come with multiple emergency exits, thus reducing the risk of getting stuck inside.

Choose the right storm shelter for your home

Before investing in a storm shelter, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of both categories of shelters. It’s important to understand your needs and requirements to make a better choice.

At US Safe Rooms we can assess your home and provide you high-quality storm shelters in Fort Worth and Dallas at affordable rates. Feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns with our representatives.

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3 Reasons Your Commercial Business Will Benefit From A Storm Shelter

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In the event of a hurricane, are you, your employees, and your business safe?

In addition to that, with the recent uptick in shootings and robberies in the US, now is the most critical time to invest in a safe room or storm shelter.

Here are three reasons your business will benefit from a storm shelter.

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