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4 Tornado Stats That Emphasize the Importance of Tornado Shelter Rooms

Tornadoes are awe-inspiring and destructive at the same time. That’s why they’ve so firmly remained in kids’ and adults’ consciousness for so long. If you’re up for learning some mind-blowing facts and stats about tornadoes, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll list some exciting tornado stats that will also highlight the significance of having a safe room or storm shelter in Texas.

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Tornadoes 101: The Basics

Texas is one of the most sought-after states to live in America due to its good value housing, great school districts, and various spectacular landscapes. With so many cities, each with their distinctly rich histories, there’s nothing you won’t find in this red state.

The state enjoys varied weather, from humid in the east and arid in the west—meaning you’ll experience all four seasons in their glory! But Texas isn’t without its natural disasters. Weather reports show that an average of 132 tornadoes touch the Texas soil each year, with 140 to 150 tornadoes in Dallas and many in Fort Worth.

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The 3 Best Places to Have Storm Shelters Installed in Your Home

Traveling at more than 200 miles per hour, tornados cause devastating damage, obliterating anything that comes in their way. The United States experiences around 1,000 tornados every year, a majority of which occur in Texas. Some sections of the state are even dubbed “Tornado Alley”.

It’s a no-brainer to have a steel room in your house if you live in such areas, so when the news of a tornado hits the news, you’re off to the races, preparing to bunker up. But if you’re wondering where to install your tornado safe room, here a few recommendations:

Above Ground

Above ground storm shelters are the most convenient, as they require no digging, and are reasonably simple to set up. Your day to day work will not be affected in the same way in which underground, or garage shelters hinder work, as a lot of digging and excavation is required in the latter two.

You can leave a pod or a room for shelter outside, and when there’s an update, you can get in with your supplies and other people to share the room with.


The garage is one of the most convenient places to install a storm shelter in. It is easily accessible and is usually large enough to get a storm shelter installed.

One of the few things that a storm shelter needs are a strong concrete base and a garage provides that. You can get out of it after the storm passes very quickly as well. For people who can’t climb stairs, this also opens up a door to accessibility.

garage storm shelter


Getting a storm shelter installed in your basement has one major disadvantage; people who can’t use stairs may require assistance. But it is a lot more convenient to get a bunker installed in the basement than getting your garage dug up.

Being underground is a lot safer during a tornado, and having one in your basement adds to the level of security you can get.


US Safe Room Tornado Shelters provides community storm shelters and safe rooms that not only comply with, but exceed the guidelines provided by FEMA. Get a storm shelter built for any size of your demand, down to the inch. Handling their fabrication, they can develop and install shelters in 7-10 days. Ensure your safety as well as the others around you. Get in touch with us today.

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signs before tornado

Signs to Look Out for Before a Tornado Strikes

Tornadoes are highly unpredictable weather events and can be difficult to forecast in advance. However, thanks to the tireless work of weather experts, scientists, storm chasers, and the like, patterns have been observed and studied to help predict these weather events before they strike.

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Why Tornadoes are So Difficult to Predict and Understand

Tornadoes are vertical columns of air that are generated in supercell storms and come in contact with the ground. They are classified as weather events and often minuscule compared to other more universal events, making them highly specific in their nature.

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A flooded street following Hurricane Harvey

3 Design Parameters That Affect the Cost of a Community Safe Room

The only thing common across safety rooms is their intended purpose: to provide safety. Beyond that, you’ll seldom find two safety rooms alike. They differ according to dimensions, number of uses, resistance, and more. These factors affect how much they cost and how well they fit your needs.

Here’s more about them in detail.

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4 Ways to Save for a Safe Room Installation

Storm safe rooms can be the difference between life and death when you’re living in a place like Texas that is hit by tornadoes so often. Year after year, tornado season wreaks havoc on locals across cities and towns like Arlington and Fort Worth, but investing in a storm shelter for your home can help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Will Climate Change Affect Tornadoes In Texas?

It’s a devastating condition that took years in the making. But considering present circumstances, it’s clear that the world must become serious about combating climate change now when we still have time!

According to NASA, in addition to the increase of greenhouse gases, mismanagement of waste, pollution (all kinds), and more, the earth’s climate has changed dramatically in the past few decades. More so than what’s changed since humans began recording CO2 emissions and global changes!

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Tornado Preparedness With Special Needs Family Members

For anyone who has a family member with special needs, the sirens that ring in light of a tornado warning are the most horrifying sounds they can hear.

While tornadoes don’t typically strike without warning, it doesn’t take long for them to quickly become more devastating and move toward surrounding areas that weren’t originally in its path. This is why, even if you know a tornado watch was issued, you must take the right steps to help your special needs family member get to safety.

But how do you do so?

Here are some things you should know about.

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Things Pet Owners Should Know in Case of a Storm

According to a survey conducted by Banfield, a non-profit organization for pets and owners, 91 percent of pet owners aren’t prepared for the next natural disaster.

A concerning situation if there ever was one, this survey only cements the belief that our pets require a lot more care than what we’re giving them. Especially during this season of hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes, we must do what we can to protect them so that they can stay happy, healthy, and safe in our arms.

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