Should You Get an Above-Ground or In-Ground Shelter?

Storm shelters come in two major categories — above-ground shelters and in-ground shelters. Wondering which one is better? Well, that’s a debate. Where some people believe underground shelters are safer, many prefer to install above-ground shelters in their homes.

Here we’ll go through some factors that distinguish the underground and aboveground shelters, to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

Underground shelters

underground shelters

Underground or in-ground shelters are mostly placed under the garage or in yards. They are typically built from concrete or steel. They perform maximum security because of their strategic positioning.

In 2021, approximately 784 tornadoes occurred in the US alone. When a windstorm occurs, there is a risk of getting injuries from the flying wreckage. Besides, tornadoes can also cause serious damage to the house equipment and materials. According to a report by Aon, around $10 billion of insured losses take place in the United States because of these storms. An underground shelter can protect you from significant damage.

That said, many researchers think that underground shelters are prone to numerous risks. Oftentimes, windstorms are followed by floods or heavy rain. In such cases, people can get trapped in the underground and even drown in the flood.

Above-ground shelters

Above-ground shelters can be seamlessly integrated into a home as a pantry, closet, or small room. These days above-ground are generally preferred more because of their ease of accessibility.

Although above-ground shelters can take up some of your living space, they can come in handy when an emergency arises. Besides, they are less prone to critters, water seepage, and flooding risks.

Above-ground shelters are also a more suitable option for elderly or disabled individuals. When an emergency arises, you don’t have time to drag down the wheelchair and they don’t have enough strength to go down steep stairs. Above-ground shelters, therefore, are ideal for individuals with limited mobility.

Today, above-ground shelters are generally equipped with cutting-edge technology and come with more user-friendly and customizable options. For instance, an above-ground shelter with a sliding door can prevent the residents from getting trapped. What’s more is that above-ground shelters are modular, which means that you can conveniently relocate and/or expand them according to your needs. They also come with multiple emergency exits, thus reducing the risk of getting stuck inside.

Choose the right storm shelter for your home

Before investing in a storm shelter, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of both categories of shelters. It’s important to understand your needs and requirements to make a better choice.

At US Safe Rooms we can assess your home and provide you high-quality storm shelters in Fort Worth and Dallas at affordable rates. Feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns with our representatives.

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