Underground vs. Above Ground Tornado Shelter Rooms

The frenzied comments like „you won’t survive a tornado if you’re not underground” can be misleading. Safe rooms can equally save lives and increase your chances of survival. Let’s find out what is underground and above-ground storm shelter rooms and compare their benefits.

An underground storm shelter

Underground vs. Above Ground Shelter

An underground shelter, as the name suggests, is built in the basement. You need more space for it and it can cost a hefty amount to build an underground storm shelter.

Contrary to that, above-ground storm shelters are built anywhere on the concrete. They provide equally excellent safety during a weather crisis. If you’ve heard anyone claim otherwise, it’s probably out of utter ignorance!

Cost and Benefits of In-ground Shelter

  • These shelters can save square footage because you can turn your basement into a safe space.
  • Underground shelters like garage units are an awesome addition to your house. But, there’s one caveat: you may not have enough time to move your car in time of crisis.
  • In-ground shelters increase the value of your home. If you live in a tornado-prone area and are planning to sell your house, an underground shelter will definitely increase the real estate value of your home.
  • Underground shelters help avoid lightning, flying debris and high winds.
  • Underground shelters cost hefty amounts of money.

Cost and Benefits of Above-Ground Shelter

  • These types of shelters can be moved anywhere, including your pantries and closets.
  • They offer excellent safety because you can easily access them during weather crises as compared to in-ground shelters.
  • These shelters are FEMA-approved for families with disabled members.
  • These shelters also serve as panic rooms at the time of intrusion or criminal activity.
  • Above-ground storm shelters are cheaper than in-ground shelters.

Installation Site

The main concern of homeowners is where to put the shelter. Fortunately, above-ground shelters can be installed anywhere, including your garage or pantry. But it can take up a lot of space above-ground.

The underground shelter can be installed beneath your yard or garage. The most optimal place is inside your home. An outside shelter can exposure you and your family to hailstorms, lightning, or flying debris.

While underground shelter in the garage can save space as you can park your vehicle above it. But you can compromise accessing the shelter as you’ll have to move your vehicle before getting inside.

An above-ground storm shelter

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