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How to Prepare for Tornado If You Have Pets?

Whether you’ve always been a pet owner or just brought a furry family member home, one thing is certain: a natural disaster is a time to prepare. Many of us consider pets family members and would go to great lengths to protect our pets during an emergency.

Here are some tips for preparing for tornadoes if you have pets.

Make sure they have proper identification

Pets should have tags on their collars with contact information so that your pet can return home safely in case they get lost. If you use disaster relief animal services, they’ll also be able to reunite your pet with you if needed.

Keep your pets inside your home

Pets can sense unusual weather conditions before humans do, so they will often act nervous or restless when a storm is approaching. They may not know what to do, but you can train them to obey commands like “go in the bathroom” or “go under the bed” in case of an emergency.

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Keep a first aid kit on hand that’s up to date and stocked with supplies for your pet

Get a first aid book that specifically addresses the needs of your pet, and consider getting a certified veterinary first aid handbook.

Be prepared to take your pets far from home in an emergency

If you live in a high-risk area, such as a low-lying area, you may need to leave your home for safety reasons. Pets also need to be prepared for this as well; if they can temporarily leave their homes or securely contain themselves for short periods of time, they will be less likely to panic during the storm.

Practice using a pet carrier

Keep one in the trunk of your car, and practice putting your pet inside it. You can also practice retrieving your pets from their carriers if they ever need to be transported outside of your home.

Bring emergency supplies for both you and your pet

Keep everything your pet might need during a disaster, including food, water, first aid supplies and comfort items like familiar bedding or other favorite toys.

Install an Underground Shelter

Installing an underground shelter can help you and your pets in case of a tornado. Cats and dogs can feel quite comfortable inside an underground shelter as they can’t see or hear the destructive sounds of the storm. You can also store enough emergency supplies for your pets so that they don’t starve.

We can help you install an underground shelter. At US Safe Room Tornado Shelters, we offer a range of tornado shelters in Texas, including underground shelters, steel storm shelters, above ground shelters, and community storm shelters.

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