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Tornado Shelter Rooms: How to Get Best Value for Your Money

Are your house or building prepared for the next storm?

Tornado shelters in Texas can withstand any violent storm. They stay anchored during extreme violent conditions to protect occupants from flying debris and strong winds. Knowing which shelter to install can be tricky.

Above Ground vs. In-ground Tornado Shelter

Before you invest in a tornado shelter, understand how each works.

Above-ground storm shelters are bolted to the garage or thick concrete slab with proper steel reinforcement and quick access.

Contrarily, in-ground shelters offer more safety because these are constructed in basement or garage units. But, accessing these storm shelters can be difficult during a crisis due to stairs. If you have an underground garage unit, you’ll need to move the car first, reducing your chances of survival in such a situation.

Cost of Storm Shelters

In-ground shelters cost a hefty amount of money. You’ll need to excavate, construct and on top of that, you’ll have to reserve a lot of space. Additionally, more concrete is needed, which means more bucks to spend because concrete is expensive for each square foot. The cost could be as high as $30,000.

Above-ground storm shelters are cheaper than in-ground shelters but offer excellent safety during tornadoes. You can easily replace and change them according to your needs. A modular structure can be turned anyway on a concrete pad.

Though their cost can vary depending on specifications and size, these storm shelters are more affordable than in-ground shelters. Above-ground storm shelters cost around $6,000 to $8,700.

Affordable Tornado Shelters

Getting the value for money without compromising your safety is important. Your home ensures protection, but it can’t promise absolute safety at the time of crisis.

To find the best tornado shelters, you should look for these specifications in a safety room constructor:

  • Check if they’re FEMA-certified. The constructor should be followed FEMA guidelines.
  • Make sure they’ve passed the impact test.
  • Check for their EF5 tornado rating.
  • Make sure they offer custom-built safety room services.
  • Check all the specifications, including door, the material used, anchor bolts, standard height and strength of their shelters.
  • If they offer a free estimate, that’s a plus point.

A constructed storm shelter in transit

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