Keeping Your Family Safe During a Tornado: FEMA Guidelines for Home Tornado Shelters

a tornado

Natural disasters are becoming more common, so FEMA recommends that individuals and communities take the necessary safety measures as outlined in their guidelines. American citizens are constructing tornado shelters to shield themselves from twisters and flying objects. An underground storm shelter is a necessity for those who value their lives during severe weather.

For most people, constructing a safe room will be a one-time expense, so careful planning is essential. If you’re considering installing a safe room in your house, here are some important factors.

1. How Many People Can It Accommodate?

If you’re planning on constructing a safe room, it’s important to think about how many people you’ll need to shelter, any unique needs anyone in your family may have, and even any pets you might have. You should think about how crucial it is to access things like food, water, shelter, electricity, and communication.

People should have at least a radio, a torch, and some blankets in their safe room. To improve the convenience of your tornado shelter, you can bring a handful of additional items. Examples include mattresses, waste disposal containers, radios, toiletries, and games.

2. Is There Enough Room For Fresh Air?

If you’re going to be locked up in a tornado shelter, you must need ventilation. Safe rooms often feature a substantial layer of insulated concrete forms, which are typically installed after the windows and doors have been locked.

There could be many people, pets, and necessary resources in safe rooms, yet there might not be any ventilation. Only safe rooms that meet FEMA’s air-handling requirements should be considered. If there aren’t at least two vents, something is missing.

3. Does It Have The Necessary Features?

A telephone, enabling both making and receiving calls, is a standard feature of safe rooms. One way to guarantee communication with authorities in the case of an emergency is to set up internet and phone connectivity within the tornado shelter. Both tailored and prefabricated tornado shelter concepts have fully functional living spaces, including bedrooms.

Knowing your limitations and the numerous measures you can take to protect yourself is essential when natural disasters are likely. Having access to a secure area can help you calm down.

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