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3 Problems Faced During Rough Weather

Rough weather can be detrimental, bringing normal life to a complete halt, pushing people toward bunkers and safe rooms to wait out the storm until the weather clears up. Even during the calm before the storm, there are several issues that can make life difficult. Here are a few of the common issues faced by people during difficult weather conditions such as storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Power Outage

There are several reasons why power goes out during storms. Firstly, the winds are often strong enough to knock electrical poles down. People can also accidentally drive into poles trying to escape the rough weather, which can take out electricity for a large number of people at once.

It’s important to keep as many electronics and appliances charged, as well as have spare batteries in hand to ensure you can outlast the situation more easily as things start to get better.

Supply Shortage

Usually, a weather report will alert people 36 to 48 hours before a hazardous situation is going to take place, which puts people in a state of panic. In an attempt to stay prepared for the upcoming problems, citizens will rush to different markets and buy as much of a supply as possible to stay stocked up. This can cause a shortage of supply, making it hard for everyone to get enough items for the days ahead.

Negative Effects on Mental Health

A situation such as a storm or a hurricane is not pleasant, having tough implications for several days, which can affect everyone financially and mentally. Rough weather conditions can also trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially for those who struggle with them.


Animals also get frightened by the sounds of thunder and lightning. Positive coping mechanisms might be required for everyone to keep their minds off the negative side of things.

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