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Types of Tornadoes

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Tornadoes differ in size, shape, how they form, and how much destruction they can cause.

Here are a few types of tornadoes.

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Top 3 Deadliest Tornadoes in US History

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We’ve seen the mass destruction a tornado can cause and the deadly consequences it leaves behind.

Here are a few of the deadliest tornadoes in history to hit US.

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rough weather

3 Problems Faced During Rough Weather

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Rough weather can be detrimental, bringing normal life to a complete halt, pushing people toward bunkers and safe rooms to wait out the storm until the weather clears up. Even during the calm before the storm, there are several issues that can make life difficult. Here are a few of the common issues faced by people during difficult weather conditions such as storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

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A flooded street following Hurricane Harvey

Things to Do When There’s A Forecast of a Tornado in Your Area

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A report for an expected tornado is typically provided 36 to 48 hours beforehand to alert the residents of the area to prepare for the threat. This time should be utilized to stock up on essential things to keep and move to a safe area. Here are some things to do when there’s a tornado expected to hit your area.

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EF-1 tornado

How Tornadoes Are Rated: The EF Scale Explained

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Confused by the naming scheme of tornadoes? How does EF-0 differ from EF-1? Tornadoes are ranked by the EF scale, named after Ted Fujita, a meteorologist who came up with the scheme in 1971. Since then, the system has seen some changes with the values being adjusted. Here are all of them explained in detail.

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3 interesting Facts About Tornadoes

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Learn the interesting facts about tornadoes that you did not knew before.

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Why Schools in Arlington Must Have a Tornado Safe Room

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If you own or manage a school in Arlington or any other area in Texas, you need to be aware of the importance of having a tornado storm shelter in your school. Though it’s winter now and tornado season is behind us, the risk hasn’t fully subsided.

If you want to ensure your students’, teaching staff’s, and other employees’ safety during potential tornadoes, the best thing you could do is install a community storm shelter from Safe Room US.

Here are all the reasons why our experts recommend adding a community shelter storm to your disaster management plan.

Enhanced Safety

School management is held responsible for the safety of staff and students when a tornado strikes. This is why we manufacture secure, near indestructible community storm shelters to help administrators protect their communities.

Our storm shelters and safe rooms are engineered while adhering to all FEMA guidelines and ICC 500 codes and are tested to withstand the strong winds of EF-5 rated tornadoes.

Ease of Access

community storm shelter

Another reason you need a Safe Rooms US community shelter is that all our products are engineered with ease of access in mind, including for those with limited mobility. All our storm shelters and safe rooms come with wide and tall entrances, with steel doors that swing on both sides, and hinge right or left.

If your school is located in an area that’s prone to tornadoes, make sure you have a community storm shelter to keep students, staff members, and equipment safe. At Safe Rooms US, we offer a range of storm safe rooms Arlington, TX, including above-ground storm shelter, steel tornado shelters, storm safe rooms, and community storm shelters Texas.

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4 Tornado Stats That Emphasize the Importance of Tornado Shelter Rooms

Tornadoes are awe-inspiring and destructive at the same time. That’s why they’ve so firmly remained in kids’ and adults’ consciousness for so long. If you’re up for learning some mind-blowing facts and stats about tornadoes, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll list some exciting tornado stats that will also highlight the significance of having a safe room or storm shelter in Texas.

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intense tornado lightening and disaster

3 Deadliest Tornadoes in U.S. History

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One of the deadliest tornadoes to ever hit the United States was the “Tri-State Tornado” that took over 695 lives and led to 2,027 injuries. It was called “Tri-State” because it devastated three states, namely, Indiana, Southern Missouri, and Illinois, on May 18th 1925. The enormous tornado spread across 219 miles, making it the most prolonged storm in United States history.

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The Tri-State Tornado: The Deadliest Tornado in American History

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According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, tornadoes are the second deadliest natural disasters in the United States, having claimed hundreds and thousands of deaths.

These tornadoes come barreling into Texas, especially in Dallas and Fort Worth, wreaking havoc everywhere, uprooting trees, and sending debris flying around.

The deadliest of the deadly was the Tri-State tornado that will be remembered for generations to come. Approximately 95 years ago, a devastating twister made a journey across three different states, leveling homes and building in its path.

Let’s delve into the details of the Tri-State tornado and how residents of Dallas and Fort Worth can protect themselves if a similar disaster struck again.

The Tri-State Tornado

The Tri-State tornado struck three states in the central United States on a Wednesday afternoon in March of 1925. Taking almost 695 lives, the Tri-State tornado is considered one of the deadliest natural disasters to strike on US soil.

The track left by the tornado was 151 to 235 miles. It crossed over from southern Missouri and Illinois and made its way to southwestern Indiana.

The severity of the Tri-State tornado is consistent with an F5 tornado, which is the most severe one on the Fuji Scale.

Multiples schools were damaged, and 90 percent of the town was leveled in a matter of minutes in Iron County and Annapolis when the tornado hit Missouri. The tornado also reportedly developed a double funnel, which caused further damage and destruction in Perry County.

After crossing the Mississippi River, the tornado made its way to Illinois, hitting the riverside hard and obliterating the entire town, even uprooting railroad tracks.

The Tri-State tornado then crossed the Wabash River to enter Indiana, injuring 202 people and killing many more.

The Aftermath of the Tri-State Tornado

Witnesses described the tornado as an amorphous fog of boiling clouds that had gathered copious dust and debris.

In the immediate aftermath of this devastating natural disaster, hospitals were filled with injured patients from all across the states. Some hospitals were even ill-equipped to care for the patients due to the significant damage to the infrastructure and the consequent lack of resources.

There were 695 confirmed deaths—95 in Indiana, 12 in Missouri, and 558 in Illinois. In addition to that, fires erupting due to the damaged infrastructure further exacerbated the effects of its devastation.


Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe With Tornado Shelter Rooms in Dallas and Fort Worth

The only way to ensure yours and your loved ones’ safety is by investing in a durable and strong tornado shelter room in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

US Safe Rooms in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX creates custom safe rooms and tornado shelters.

Our top-quality storm safe rooms are built to comply with standards set by FEMA and the Texas Tech Impact Test. With a team of certified engineers, we create tornado safe rooms and storm shelters customized to meet our clients’ requirements so that they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Ensure your loved ones’ safety with our premier quality storm safe rooms in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Give us a call at 469-629-6000.

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