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A Comprehensive Guide to Staying Safe During a Tornado

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According to NOAA, there is no certainty of safety during a tornado. EF5 level tornadoes can easily level and even blow away concrete structures. Most tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma are much weaker, and homeowners can ensure safety by following certain precautions. Here are three tips that will help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a tornado.

Be Prepared

It’s best to prepare yourself with the following items as soon as you hear about a tornado

  • A battery-operated radio along with some extra batteries to stay updated with weather conditions and important emergency notifications as internet and cellular networks tend to go down during extreme weather
  • An emergency plan that includes access to a safe house or shelter for your family, pets, and yourself
  • Individual Emergency kit for each person that includes food, water, and over-the-shelf medication
  • Important information, including telephone numbers and identification cards

Counsel your children about what a tornado is, what parish or county they live in, what tornado warnings and watches are, and how to find safe shelter, whether at school or home.

 Know the Weather Conditions

Dark clouds over an empty highway

Paying attention to any change in weather conditions can protect you and your household from harm’s way. If you are expecting a thunderstorm in your area, stay connected to a local weather channel.  However, tornadoes can strike so rapidly that in some instances, there isn’t any time for warnings. Following are some weather signs that may indicate a tornado.

  • A dark sky
  • A low-lying, large, dark cloud
  • Hail
  • Loud roars from the sky that sound like a freight train

Take cover immediately if you notice any of these signs, and keep tuned to the local weather channel.

Know Where to Shelter

Flying and falling debris causes most injuries and deaths during a tornado. However, some places are much safer and can contain the damage done by tornadoes. Above-ground or underground shelters that are made following FEMA guidelines can help in keeping people safe under extreme weather. However, underground shelters can get buried under debris and fallen trees. This can make them inaccessible to people, or worse, trap people inside them. In contrast, above-ground shelters are easy to access and can withstand the weight and pressure of a 3,000-pound car.

If you live in Texas and Oklahoma, having a FEMA compliant shelter is highly advisable. US Safe Room Tornado Shelters provides above-ground shelters and safe rooms that are made following FEMA guidelines.

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EF-1 tornado

Tips to Keep Yourself Calm During a Tornado

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Every year, on average 1,200 tornadoes hit the different parts of areas in the United States of America. Last year, according to statistics, 80 people die and at least 1,500 are injured every year due to tornadoes. Despite technological advancements, little has been achieved when ti comes to protecting people from such natural disasters.

While it’s natural to freak out and panic in such situations, keeping yourself calm and composed can help you make wise decisions and survive. This blog post will share some tips on how you can keep yourself calm amid natural disasters.

Tornado Warning

When the authorities issue a tornado warning, it doesn’t mean that the tornado is already waiting outside your door like a monster. It just means that it’s approaching your city and you must take safety precautions. Hence, when the warning is issued, try to keep yourself and others around you calm as you seek safe shelter. Staying calm doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take immediate action. You must take your family inside a basement or any other similar place and stay there until the tornado is over.

Take Your Basic Belongings

You can never be sure how long a tornado is going to last. It can go away within a few minutes, or stay for an hour. Hence, when you’re heading out to hide in a safe underground shelter, take food and important belongings with you. Ideally, if you’re living in an area where tornadoes are frequent, then you should always have a backpack ready with all the essentials you may need during the tornado.

Stay with Others

It’s human psychology to stay more calm and relaxed when we’re surrounded by people. The realization that you’re not alone can help you stay calm and deal with the situation in a better way. Hold hands, and sing with others, trying to uplift each other while the tornado waits outside.


Are you worried about a tornado heading your way? Get in touch with us. At Safe Rooms US, we offer tornado shelters in Fort Worth, Dallas and other nearby areas, with installation services for residential and commercial clients.

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How Is a Tornado Formed, and Why Is It Highly Unpredictable?

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Every year, hundreds of tornadoes across the country leave infrastructure devastated and many people killed. This blog post will highlight how tornadoes are formed and why it is difficult to predict when they’re coming.

A tornado can be defined as “a violently rotating column” filled with air, extending from the thunderstorm to the ground. Often, when one occurs, the sky turns dark and greenish and black storm clouds are formed. Sometimes, baseball-sized hail may also fall simultaneously, and a funnel appears as if it is coming out from a cloud. As it approaches, it feels like a freight train is approaching you, tearing up everything that comes in its way.

How Do they Form?

The violent tornadoes arise from supercells or large thunderstorms. They have heavy winds in rotation, and at least a thousand storms join together to form one supercell. Then five or six supercells combine to create a tornado.

Although tornadoes can hit at any time of the year, they are common in early spring and followed by the jet stream. In the U.S., the month of May has the greatest number of tornadoes. However, throughout history, tornadoes from April have always proven to be more violent and devastating.

There is no fixed time for when tornadoes can occur, but they mostly appear in the late afternoon when the sky suddenly turns dark because, at that time, the sun has provided enough heat to the ground. They are essentially a result of the collision of warm, humid air with cold, dry air. Since the cold air is denser, it is pushed over the warm air, resulting in thunderstorms. Gradually, the warm air rises through the relatively colder air and results in an updraft that rotates when winds vary.  The rotating updraft is often called a mesocycle, and it draws in more warm air from the thunderstorm as the speed increases.

Do you wish to stay safe from the tornadoes? At US Safe Rooms, we offer aboveground shelters and installation services for residential and commercial clients. So, if you’re in Denison, Plano, Fort Worth, Sherman, or Dallas, you can reach out to us for shelters to protect your family and friends from natural disasters.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Calm During a Hurricane or Tornado

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Growing up in the US’s Midwest regions in States like Texas and Oklahoma means growing up with regular storms, tornadoes, and even hurricanes. You must help your children stay calm and collected during these situations as you go through your safety protocols.

Here’s what to do.

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5 Ways to Plan a Tornado Drill

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The United States is climatically located in a region where winds of different temperatures converge and form severe storms throughout the year. From households to businesses to schools, people should know what to do when a tornado is about to strike. A tornado can come unannounced; you need to have a tornado drill in place. Here’s how you can conduct a tornado drill.

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5 Tornado Signs You Should Know

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A tornado is a violent vortex of strong winds that takes the shape of a funnel under a huge storm. Over a thousand tornados strike the US soil, more than any other country in the world, resulting in loss of lives and millions of dollars in property damage every year. Residents of Tornado Alley experience frequent tornados; you should know its signs to seek protection in the worst-case scenario immediately. Here are five signs of a tornado you should know.

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