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3 Questions To Ask Your Contractor When Getting A Safe Room

When choosing a contractor for your safe room installation, you should be wary of a few factors, and never hesitate to ask plenty of questions. After all, it’s a change that could cost you the safety of your family and plays a major role in their well-being.

Not to mention the high costs of shelter installation and what a major investment they can be. Before hiring a contractor, or proceeding with installation, be sure to ask them a few key questions that will help you decide whether they’re right for you. Start with the following questions and add more of your own if necessary:

1.     Ask about their experience and qualifications.

Your contractor should be licensed and have the legal authority and qualifications to be in this line of work. While not all contractors will be insured, they should be certified and licensed. This means their company should be registered, and products FEMA approved, and they’re following guidelines and recommendations for shelter construction.

Not asking these details could mean you end up working with a sketchy contractor and run the risk of losing your money and putting your safety on the line.

2.     Find out about the sheltering quality and guarantee.

Storm shelters serve a very specific purpose, which is to protect you and your family from the impact of tornadoes and thunderstorms. Your shelter must be FEMA compliant and approved. Our safe room shelters in Fort Worth and Dallas are designed according to FEMA’s guidelines and undergo the Texas Tech Impact Test multiple times before being delivered to you, which is what allows us to provide you with the kind of safety and protection that we do.

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3.     Ask them about the amount of construction needed.

Your contractor should also be able to provide you with a consultation and estimate, giving you a rundown of costs and construction work that installation will require. Our above ground shelters come assembled, and installation is quick, but if there is added work such as remodeling required, we will be able to tell you after an on-site evaluation. You can have them installed in your garage, closet, basement, or anywhere else in your home.

Finding a reliable contractor is challenging, which is why you should trust a company like ours. We have been in the industry for over 25 years and have continued to provide high-quality, strong storm shelters to clients across the region. Call us today for a free quote.

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