The Best Places To Have A Safe Room Installed

If you live in Texas or any nearby state, you’ve likely had to take shelter from a tornado. Tornadoes are fairly common across the Southeastern states of America, with major tornado outbreaks reported every month. So given this climate, where should you build a safe room for yourself and your family? Read on to learn about three possible locations where a […]

Steel Safe Room Installation Tips

As a resident of Texas, there’s a high chance that you might have found yourself in a safe room or shelter whenever there is a tornado warning. This is not uncommon for Southeastern Americans, as the area tends to get tornadoes all year. So, the people of Texas and nearby states require shelters and bunkers to stay […]

The Importance Of Having A Safe Room In Your Home And Why You Should Have One

steel storm shelter room

Texas has a long history of harsh weather. The state is home to more tornadoes than any other state in the US and is also susceptible to hurricanes, hailstorms, and floods. On average, Texas witnesses 139 storms every year. Therefore, it’s best to have an emergency kit prepared for the storm season. Flashlights and internet-abled devices […]

Why is it Essential to Have a Safe Room in Your House?

Climate change and worsening weather conditions have jeopardized the delicate balance of natural disasters. Back in time, extreme weather phenomena like tornadoes used to be once-in-a-lifetime events. Now they have become increasingly common. The credit goes to climate change. During such conditions, it’s necessary to have safe rooms in houses and business facilities to ensure protection and […]

Choosing a Safe Room: Which Room Type is Safe for You

A white colored ground tornado shelter in Texas

If you’re searching for a safe room that means you’re looking for a room that can keep you safe when emergencies prevail. Safe rooms are used for a variety of purposes, but the most common uses revolve around security and seeking protection during extreme weather events. For instance, storm shelters, also a type of safe room, are […]

Different Building Materials of a Safe Room: A Brief Guide

Concrete safe room

In a severe windstorm, safe rooms provide near-absolute safety to anyone inside. The safe rooms’ connections are so strong that they won’t break even in a significant storm. Since a safe room’s walls are independent of the house’s construction, it will stand even after the demolishment of your home. Reinforced concrete, steel sheathing, and wood frame […]