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Why are Safe Rooms Essential For Offices - Infograph

Why are Safe Rooms Essential For Offices – Infograph

Category : Safe Rooms

The following infograph provides you with the reasons as to why Why are Safe Rooms Essential For Offices and what role do they play in safety:

Why are Safe Rooms Essential For Offices - Infograph

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An illustration of a smart home

Top 3 Things That Can Enhance the Safety of Your Home in 2022

Category : Safe Rooms

Every homeowner wants to make sure their homes are always safe and secured in every way possible. Your house can be affected by many things like the weather, pests, storms, and burglars. Different methods are adopted for different things to make sure that the house’s safety is always maintained. Modern technology has made it a lot easier for homes to stay protected now.

Here are the three-must have things that can enhance the safety of your house in 2022:

Automated House System

Just like how smartphones exist, smart houses exist as well. A smart home, just like a smartphone, is operated using the internet. It is a house set-up where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled from your phone. The user can access the home system using a phone and can adjust and access the temperature, lighting, the fireplace (if electrical), and the security system.

Being able to monitor all these things by using your phones and remotely accessing them makes smart homes the future for the housing industry.

Motion Sensor Alarms

Motion sensor alarms can greatly increase the safety of your home. Although they aren’t a new invention, with the help of modern technology and updates, they have become more advanced and sophisticated, allowing them to be ten times more effective. They are small enough to stay out of sight, and the latest ones can pick up the slightest of movements, triggering the alarm and letting you know on your phone as well.

If you get motion sensors installed from a security company, someone from the company or the police will be sent down to your home to ensure it is safe every time they are set off.

An illustration of keeping the house safe

A Storm Shelter

As humans, we can’t prevent the forces of nature. However, we can adopt preventive measures to minimize damage as much as we can. The best way to do that is to get a storm shelter installed. A storm shelter is a room installed or built to keep you safe during storms. These shelters are made following certain standards and guidelines passed by FEMA.

Taking refuge in these shelters allows people to stay safe during a storm and keeps their houses protected.


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Are Safe Rooms Elder Friendly - Infograph

Are Safe Rooms Elder Friendly – Infograph

Category : Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms are designed for people keeping in mind all age groups. The following infograph gives an idea as to why they are important for old people:

Are Safe Rooms Elder Friendly - Infograph

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3 Essential Emergency Equipment for Your Safe Room

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The first step to ensure your household’s safety against home invasions and natural disasters is purchasing a safe room. Proper installation of the safe room is the second step. And the final step is to equip your safe room with all the essential things you may need in case of an emergency. Here is a list of all the important things that you may need in a safe room.

  1. Water to Drink: Water is one of the most basic human needs. It is very important to keep an ample amount of fresh drinkable water in your safe room. It’s also advisable to keep some juices in stock as well if you have children.
  2. Food Storage:  You may never know how long you may have to stay in your room. Therefore, it’s prudent to keep it stocked with at least a few days worth of food supplies. MREs and canned foods are a great choice to store in a safe room as they provide required nutrition and doest go bad that easy.
  3. Portable Toilet: Nature calls are as unpredictable as the weather in Texas. You may need a restroom during your time in the safe room. Having a portable toilet in your safe room will ensure your convenience, safety, and comfort.
  4. First Aid Box: If you’re locked in a safe room, it’s probably there’s an emergency. And the probability of injuring yourself in such a situation is high. Having a well-prepared first aid is essential at such a time. Stocking your first aid box with alcohol wipes, gauze pads, band-aids, and over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and Benadryl can be beneficial.

emergency kit


5. Flash Light: you would never want to sit in the dark while you’re already in a safe room. A power outage can be very frustrating in these times. Keep flashlights and another battery-operated lighting handy in your safe room.

6. Duct Tape: From fixing a lamp to patching a hole in the wall, duct tape can assist you in several situations. The high functionality of duct tape makes it an essential item on our list.

7. Disposable Batteries: Keep several types of batteries in stock. This will ensure you have power for some other essential stuff like flashlights and wall clocks.

8. Armaments: Keeping armaments in a safe house can be very useful. One may need protection from wild animals or ill-intentioned intruders. Besides that, a knife can act as a multi-functional tool and can be used for various purposes.

9. Fire Extinguisher: A potential fire hazard can turn your safe room into a danger room. Keep a fire extinguisher handy to fight any fire hazard.


Always have reliable contractors to build and install your safe room. We are one such reliable contractor. We build and install concrete shelters, steel tornado shelters, underground garage shelters, and other types of safe rooms in Fort Worth, Dallas, and nearby areas. At Safe Rooms US, we make sure to built and install your safe room within ten days. Get a free shelter quote now.


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engineers inspecting safety protocols

5 Ways to Ensure Safety at Your Business Facility

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Every business needs to ensure safety regulations for the employees and clients visiting its premises. An organizational safety process helps prevent and manage damage, safety, and injury in the workplace. There are several things to consider when preparing a safety protocol for your business. Adding these five things to your safety protocols will help you ensure safety at your business facility.

Emergency Lighting

Unanticipated darkness can be hazardous to occupants of your business facility. If your main power supply is interrupted and regular illuminations fail, emergency lighting can be of great help. An ideal emergency lighting system should be automatically operable and provide adequate lighting that enables occupants to safely evacuate your business facility in case of an emergency.

Install and Position Fire Extinguishers

Businesses should conduct surveys to ascertain the type and number of fire extinguishers required in their workplace. Fire extinguishers should be placed in positions where they’re in clear sight and are easily approachable. Doors and corridors leading to exits or specified fire risk areas can be ideal for placing fire extinguishers.

Inspecting the exit and entry points

emergency exit

People panic in case of emergencies. An inadequate number of exit and entry points can result in people being trapped in a business facility. Moreover, jammed emergency exits, poorly maintained lifts, and narrow staircases can cause accidents during emergency evacuations. Regularly checking these areas, identifying any vulnerabilities, and maintaining any problem as soon as it occurs in these areas will ensure efficient evacuation for occupants of your workplace in case of an emergency.

Train employees

Disaster management training and emergency stimulation can prepare employees to act accordingly in an unforeseen situation. These simulations not only help employees to reach a secure point in case of an emergency but also prepare them to offer help to other people that are trapped. Training employees for disaster management can help greatly in securing lives in emergencies.

Safe rooms and shelters

Natural occurrences like floods, storms, and tornadoes can pose a threat to people even at relatively safer locations. An open area with no flammable items around can be a safe place in case of a fire but can completely fail to secure occupants in a natural disaster. Safe rooms and shelters can help immensely in securing employees during such times. However, finding a contractor or company that manufactures such strong shelters and safe rooms that can withstand the great impact of natural occurrences is difficult. Be sure to get FEMA complaint safe rooms and shelter in your business facilities for maximum protection.

You can contact us for the most durable safe rooms and storm shelters available in this region. Along with shelters, US Safe Room Tornado Shelters also provides steel safe rooms in Dallas and nearby areas. Get a free shelter quote now.

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steel safe room

Reasons Why Storm Shelters Are a Necessity

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According to a study, approximately 1,200 tornadoes hit the US every year, with 132 touching Texas. Needless to say that the recent occurrence of extreme thunderstorms and tornadoes across the US has made it inevitable for American homeowners to build storm shelters in their homes.

To keep your family and valuables safe from natural calamity, you should invest in storm shelters.  Let’s look at some reasons why that is.

Easy escape

Tornado winds move at dangerously high speeds. Most tornadoes and windstorms occur without any warnings and therefore finding a safe spot in case of emergency becomes difficult. If a tornado occurs close to your home, it can possibly cause irreparable damage.

To ensure the safety of your kids, pets, furniture, jewels, and other valuables make sure you have a panic room at your home.

A white colored ground tornado shelter in Texas

Protection of assets

According to stats, home burglaries occur every 18 seconds in the US. If you install an above-ground shelter at your home that’s equipped with cutting-edge technology, you can ensure the utmost protection of your assets and family.

You can keep your valuable assets in a panic room. If your storm shelter blends seamlessly into the home structure, burglars will think it’s an ordinary room and chances are, they’ll not choose the room for any criminal activity.

Customized to your needs

Rushing over to a neighbor’s panic room in case of an emergency is never a good idea. Their panic room space can be insufficient to suffice your family and most probably their storm shelters won’t fit your family’s needs.

By constructing a storm shelter at your home you can customize it according to your requirements and equip it with necessary first-aid items. Besides, if you have an elderly person in your family or a family member who has special needs you can construct a shelter that’s accessible for a wheelchair.

Home value

Want to increase your home value? Build a panic room in your home. Investing in a storm shelter will significantly help you hike up your home value. Storm shelters come in various designs and sizes.

Since storm shelters provide a high level of security and protection, most people want to purchase properties with built-in shelters and panic rooms. If you plan to sell your house any time soon, having a storm shelter can give your home a competitive edge over other properties.

Want to build a storm shelter at your home?

If you are looking for premium storm shelters in Dallas, look no more!

At US Safe Rooms, we access your home structure in detail and provide you with a premier home shelter that fits your needs. We design and manufacture technologically equipped safe rooms and storm shelters to keep your home safe from storms.

Feel free to get in touch with us to learn how we can help you.

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A grey colored safe room shelter in Denison, TX

Frequently Asked Questions: Safe Rooms

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As the name suggests, safe rooms are built to keep you and your loved ones safe from natural hazards. Still, there are some uncertainties regarding the right safe room for residential and commercial property owners.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to safe room shelter.

What Are the Design Requirements of a Safe Room in Guidance of FEMA?

For compliance with FEMA guidelines, a safe room must be constructed according to FEMA P-361 guidelines and designed under the drawings present in FEMA P-320.

In addition to that, all required federal, local, and state codes should be followed.

What Is the Key Difference Between a Commercial and a Residential Safe Room?

Although the key function of both types of rooms is to protect people from natural hazards, the difference in their floorspace distinguishes them from each other. A residential safe room offers accommodation for 16 people or less, whereas a community safe room has space for 150 people or more.

The design drawings of a community safe room may be derived from FEMA P-320 if there is any more detailing required.

Is Buying a Safe Room a Valuable Investment?

As stated in chapter 2 of FEMA P-320, property owners must ask themselves the following questions before investing in a safe room shelter.

  • What will I lose if a tornado hits my home?
  • Do I have any prior refuge options?
  • What does safety mean to me?
  • Do I have the budget for building a safe room?

Section 2.5 of FEMA P-320 helps homeowners evaluate the level of risk involved in natural hazards and makes their installation process more convenient.

Are Safe Rooms Worth Installing if You Have a Basement?

There have been many instances of floor framing and basement walls breaking down during storms and hurricanes, resulting in deaths or intense injuries.

It’s a personal decision to seek refuge wherever you want within the house. While the basement is the most viable option, it doesn’t offer complete protection as compared to a safe room.

Unless your basement is designed according to the criteria mentioned in FEMA P-361, installing a safe room is the ideal option. Not only is the basement subjected to flooding, it isn’t easily accessible for physically handicapped people.

If you have made up your mind to install a safe room, contact us and get a free quote now. We offer custom-built safe rooms in Texas that are suitable to protect your entire family and your valuables.

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A white colored ground tornado shelter in Texas

What Government Certifications Must a Safe Room Meet?

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Storms and tornadoes leave behind tragic stories. The loss of life and property after the tremendous havoc is immeasurable, not to mention that the people who survive are sometimes left with nothing but despair.

Wondering of possible ways to overcome the intensity of damage brought about by violent tornados? The storm shelter industry helps residents by providing above-ground tornado shelters and underground safe room shelters.

To build an aboveground or underground tornado shelter, there are certain government certifications that the safe room must meet.

ICC 500

The door of a safe room is one of the most crucial components. Besides the roof and the walls, a door must comprise similar strength and offer complete protection. In addition to that, the door must be easily accessible.

To ensure the functionality of the door and its durability, during extreme weather conditions, a safe room needs to comply with ICC 500. This certification is the standard for the design and construction of tornado shelters.

The certification involves proof of testing, the listing of endorsed parts of the assembly, and a follow-up for inspecting the company’s product and processes.


ANSI-approved standard includes construction and design requirements of the safe room’s structural system so that it can withstand heavy winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

To ensure safe refuge, it also provides health and life-saving requirements like means of lighting, egress, ventilation, sanitation, floor space, and fire safety in the storm shelter.

Thunder lightning during a tornado in Plano


FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency and it provides guidelines for the design and construction of both commercial and residential safe rooms.

Safe rooms have been around since 1988 and to date, not even one failure is registered against safe rooms that are constructed under FEMA guidelines.

The manufacturers who implement FEMA’s safe room guidelines in their construction and designing process provide guaranteed safety against extreme weather conditions.

The safe room designs that follow by FEMA guidelines fulfills the ICC/NSSA 500 design criteria. Changes made by ICC 500 and FEMA are then tested at an authorized laboratory, like Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University. Verification from all these together offers the highest level of shelter quality.

If you’re in search of high-quality above-ground safe room shelter, then contact us for a free shelter quote right now.

Our safe rooms meet FEMA guidelines and have cleared the Texas Test Impact test. Our services will help protect you and your family.

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