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3 Things to Consider Before Building a Safe Room in Your Home

A safe room is a room that can protect its occupants from any disaster, whether it’s external or inside the building. The safe room’s features will depend on the type of catastrophic event you’re hoping to seek protection from, such as hurricanes and tornados.

Due to the increasing frequency of natural disasters, FEMA urges homeowners and communities to establish safety precautions as per the FEMA guidelines. People in the United States are building tornado shelters to protect themselves from strong winds and flying debris. If you want to be safe during this storm, you should get an underground storm safe room.

Building safe rooms is a one-time investment for most people, which is why it is crucial to consider every factor before building one. Here are some vital things to consider having a safe room built in your home:

Occupants and Supplies

Before building a safe room, it is vital to consider the number of people it should secure, the potential specialized needs of you and your family members, and any pets you have. It would be best if you consider the importance of having a supply of water, food, blankets, lighting, and communication

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A radio flashlight and a set of blankets are the bare minima for a safe room’s adult occupants. Food is optional, but water is not. There is a variety of extras you may bring along to equip your safe room in a better way. These include sleeping bags, emergency toilet buckets, radios, personal hygiene products, and board games.

Imagine staying in a safe room for several days at a time. A 3-day kit list can help you think of additional items.

Fresh Air Flow

Fresh air is a must-have in your secured safe room. With doors and windows closed, safe rooms have a thick layer of insulated concrete forms (ICFs), a common choice for safe rooms.

There may be numerous occupants in safe rooms, pets, emergency supplies, and yet no fresh air. You must consider those safe rooms that adhere to the FEMA air-handling specifications. A minimum of two vents is required otherwise.


Safe rooms are traditionally equipped with a phone, allowing you to make and receive calls. Consider installing internet and phone service within the shelter to ensure that you can connect with rescuers in the event of a crisis. Customized and prefabricated safe room ideas offer full-fledged living spaces in addition to sleeping areas.

When the risks of natural calamities are high, be aware of your vulnerabilities, your available safety options and plan accordingly. With a safe room, you will feel more secure.

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