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3 Tips for Storm Shelter Maintenance You Never Knew

Did you know that the modern-day storm shelters find their roots in the Cold War-era bunkers that were developed by the government for protection in case of a nuclear war? This might seem a bit of an overkill, but a bunker’s thick walls are exactly what’s needed in case of natural disasters like tornados.

In 1974, after a few peace treaties were signed between the US and USSR, local governments realized the maintenance of these bunkers was quite high and incentivized private investment into the sector. Since maintaining storm shelters and safe rooms can get expensive and extensive, here are three tips you can use to make it more economical.

Clean Thoroughly:

By having a thorough and complete cleaning day where you’re able to clean each inch of the shelter, you can save up time in the future. Having a clean shelter after maintenance leaves a very low chance of the shelter demanding costly maintenance in the near future. This not only saves you time, but you can also be sure to use your shelter in an emergency without any worry.

Proper Ventilation:

When a shelter is going through its maintenance phase, it’s important to ensure that it has a safe and reliable ventilation system. Since shelters are separate from the home, their ventilation isn’t given much attention. But during an emergency, having well-functioning ventilation is very important, especially if it’s a prolonged situation.

Organized Management:

Having a well-prepared plan and regular cleaning schedule for your shelter can help you from landing into a ‘messy situation’ (pun intended). For some people, supplies and back-up electricity are priorities, for others, it may be as simple as having a first aid kit and food and water supplies.

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