5 Things To Consider When Getting a Storm Shelter For Your Family

Texas is known for being America’s most active state for tornadoes with 9,535 tornadoes reported between 1950 and 2021, averaging 151 every year. They can cause massive destruction of property, and vehicles and be life-threatening. To protect yourself and your family, it is advised to check weather updates regularly and evacuate before a storm hits. […]

Plan For the Aftermath: Why Registering Your Storm Shelter in Texas is Important

A gray safe room shelter

Texas gets hundreds of tornados every year, which is why a growing number of homeowners are installing custom shelters on their premises. However, if you don’t register your safe room, you might be alone on your own after a devastating tornado. This could mean you are cut off from authorities and have to navigate the risks […]

Things To Look For In a Tornado Safe Storm Shelter

Having a safe storm shelter can be the difference between life and death. However, with a limited budget, you need to make sure you get the right one to protect your family. In this blog post, we’ll go over some features that you should look for when purchasing a tornado-safe storm shelter. With these features […]

How To Build a Custom Storm Shelter in an Existing Home in Dallas

Steel Safe Room

Dallas sees a lot of tornados. This is why to protect your family in the event of a tornado, you must build a safe room in your home. A custom safe room will be constructed specifically according to your unique requests and will help keep your family safe from the hard impact, and any flying debris. […]

5 Ways To Distract Your Kids During A Storm

Extreme weather in Forth Worth

Astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning, is particularly common in children. It is known to last months after a traumatic incident occurs if not dealt with immediately. Keeping your child calm during a storm is crucial to ensuring their mental and emotional well-being long after the storm has passed. Educating children about storms, learning […]