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a thunderstorm lightening

Staying Safe from Storms: All You Should Know

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When the rain falls, and the sky darkens, you know it’s time to seek shelter. But what should you do to keep yourself safe from a tornado? Tornado’s wide-reaching wind, rain, and flying debris can pose serious threats if you’re caught out in the open.

Luckily, there are a few simple precautions you can take to keep yourself safe during a storm.

Listen To The Weather Forecasts

Keep your eye on a weather app or check back with your local TV news station for up-to-date information. This way, you’ll know how far the tornado is, and you can plan accordingly.

If you’re unclear about the forecast or don’t have an app, remember that most areas of our country get weather forecasts on TV, radio or online.

Turn Off Your Utilities

Do not go near or touch anything that could have been exposed to electrical currents from umbrellas or extension cords. Make sure that your refrigerator and freezer are turned off as well before going outside.

a thunderstorm lightening


Install A Storm Shelter

One of the best investments you can make is installing a storm shelter. It can save your life! Here are some of the benefits of installing a shelter in your home.

They’re Affordable

Some homeowners may be worried about the expense of installing storm shelters. However, storm shelters are quite affordable; many can be installed for less than $2,000. Moreover, they’re usually eligible for federal and local tax credits to help offset the cost. With these credits in place, you can cut your costs even further.

You’re Prepared For Emergencies

Another key benefit of having a storm shelter is that it can save you time in an emergency. If you need to seek shelter in a storm, you won’t have to worry about your home or workplace flooding. You won’t have to scramble around looking for necessities like flashlights and batteries, and you won’t have to worry about getting food and water.

Easy Installation

Many people think it takes a lot of money and time to install a storm shelter in your home. Storm shelters also take up space—often more than is needed—causing homeowners to question whether they should install one. The truth is that it only takes a small amount of time and money for homeowners to consider installing a storm shelter.

If you’re considering installing a reliable storm shelter, US Safe Room can help you. We offer a range of tornado shelters in Texas, including underground shelters, steel storm shelters, above ground shelters, and community storm shelters.

Contact us to learn more about our products!

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Things To Include In Your Family’s Disaster Plan

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If you’re living in Texas, you need to develop an effective disaster plan for your family. Texas and Oklahoma are known to be the most tornado-prone states in the country. In fact, in May alone, five tornadoes have struck Dallas, Texas.

A disaster plan helps you prepare for such an event and communicate the plan with your family, particularly the children. Here are some things to include in your family’s disaster plan:

Meeting Places

Make a list of safe areas your family members can go to during a tornado warning. Have this list available at various places in your home and vehicles too. Keep a copy of this document in the various devices you use, such as smartphones and laptops as well. When making this list, include places near work, school, and home.

Essential and Emergency Contact Info

Also, make a list of all emergency contacts needed during such a time. This list should include friends and family that should be contacted, in addition to paramedics, hospitals, the fire department, the police, etc. Also list down all the town shelters that are nearby.

List of Valuables to Grab

Essential paperwork, money, and certain important sentimental items are things you can’t afford to lose in a disaster. Make sure all such important documents and belongings are taken along when you’re fleeing a space to find shelter. If you have a safe room on your property, take these important belongings there.

Have a Safe Room Installed

While having a community shelter nearby is helpful, it’s always a good idea to invest in a safe room of your own. Your family can safely take shelter here during storms, tornadoes, and during periods of political unrest too. Our safe rooms are built with the best quality materials so that it can take on even the strongest tornadoes and keep your family safe.

Have FEMA-approved safe rooms and storm shelters installed in Dallas by US Safe Room Tornado Shelters.  With over 25 years of experience in this industry, our team of experts can help you choose the right shelter for your needs. We build and install steel tornado shelters, concrete shelters, underground bunkers, and underground garage shelter across Texas and Oklahoma.

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storm at office

Does Your Business Really Need a Storm Shelter?

Category : Blog , Storms , Tornado Shelters

You’re ready to go home after a long day at work, and just as you get up to leave, the lights start to flicker, you hear sirens going off, and you see a tornado headed your way. What do you do?

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3 Tips for Storm Shelter Maintenance You Never Knew

Category : Blog , Storms

Did you know that the modern-day storm shelters find their roots in the Cold War-era bunkers that were developed by the government for protection in case of a nuclear war? This might seem a bit of an overkill, but a bunker’s thick walls are exactly what’s needed in case of natural disasters like tornados.

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emergency kit

Things to Keep in Your Emergency Kit for Storm Shelters

Category : Blog , Safe Rooms , Storms

Just moving into a storm shelter when rough weather kicks in isn’t enough. There are different items that you’ll require while you wait out the storm. Your stay inside a storm shelter could last for a couple of days, and most of the facilities outside will also be closed, so it’s crucial to have them all ready before you go inside. Here are the essentials:

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3 Maintenance Hacks For Your Storm Shelter

Category : Blog , Storms , Tornado Shelters

Due to global warming, there has been an influx of storm activity across the North Atlantic. Scientists and citizens alike are worried about the unpredictable and harsh weather changes that are set to unfold in the coming months.

The best way to ensure your safety during tornadoes and storms is to invest in a storm shelter. However, the preparation doesn’t stop there. Here are some maintenance tips you should follow, so your storm shelter is in the best condition in case you have to use it.

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pet puppy

How To Take Care Of Pets During A Storm

Category : Blog , Storms

Storms are beyond scary to deal with. However, they’re even more worrisome for your four-legged pet who doesn’t quite understand why it’s so loud and dark outside.

It’s heartbreaking to witness your pet under such distress, especially while you’re also dealing with some very unpredictable weather conditions.

Here are some ways to calm your furry friend down and keep them safe until the sun’s out again.

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Plan out home improvements and renovations

3 Home Improvements You Should Definitely Make This Year

Renovating or remodeling your home, albeit stressful, is always exciting and definitely worth taking on. It’s the perfect project to take on if you’re looking to feel productive, make the most of your space, and add improvements that not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but also a functional one.

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The Ultimate Checklist For Storm Shelter Essentials

As Hurricane Hanna harkens the arrival of the U.S. monsoon season, homeowners in vulnerable areas are rushing to the stores and stocking their storm shelters with all the necessities they need.

But par the kitchen sink, how do you decide what the essentials are?

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