5 Things To Consider When Getting a Storm Shelter For Your Family

Texas is known for being America’s most active state for tornadoes with 9,535 tornadoes reported between 1950 and 2021, averaging 151 every year. They can cause massive destruction of property, and vehicles and be life-threatening. To protect yourself and your family, it is advised to check weather updates regularly and evacuate before a storm hits.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry! This is why you should consider building a storm shelter or safe room in your house to protect your family in case a tornado strikes.

You can find many types of storm shelters in the market, especially if you live in Dallas or Fort Worth. To simplify your search, we’ve made a list of things you should consider before you build or buy one.

Here are a few things to think about:

1. Different Types Of Storm Shelters

The first thing you must decide is the type and placement of the shelter room. Do you want it to be an above-ground shelter or an underground shelter? Above-ground shelters or safe rooms are the most effective as they provide faster access and do not require you to go outside during a storm, making it a viable option for your family. They are also waterproof, which decreases the risk of leaking and flooding, which is more common in underground shelters.

2. Your Family’s Needs

It is essential to consider the size and needs of your family before building a shelter room. How many family members do you have? Will you need wheelchair access? Can it hold all the emergency supplies required by your family?

If you require wheelchair access or have small children, an underground shelter may not be suitable for you.

3. The Cost Of the Storm Shelter

A storm shelter can be made of fiberglass, concrete, or even steel and vary in size. Typically, the cost of the shelter increases with the size you choose. On average, a steel shelter can cost between $4,000 and $30,000, depending on the material and size. We would advise you to add a storm shelter or a tornado-safe room when you build a house to make it more convenient and save money.

4. Consider the Size and Storage Space

The ideal shelter room must be able to accommodate your entire family, allowing about five feet of space per person. However, we recommend that the bigger it is, the better it would be for your family.
Consider the following things when deciding on the size:
– The number of family members
– The expected duration of use
– The space required to store essentials and supplies


5. The Door Design Of The Storm Shelter

Always look for a storm shelter that offers easy access. If your safe room door is not sturdy enough, it might cost you and your family a moment of safety. We advise you to go for doors that open inward.

Remember, your safety is the most important thing. We can help you pick a suitable storm shelter or safe room in Dallas and Fort Worth. Contact us with your queries and requirements to get a quote immediately.

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