Weathering the Storm: Essential Tips for Thunderstorm Survival

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Thunderstorms are a force of nature that can strike with little warning, leaving us vulnerable and exposed. However, with proper preparation and knowledge, we can weather these storms and stay safe. In this blog, we will provide you with essential tips for thunderstorm survival, empowering you to confidently navigate these tumultuous weather events. · Stay Informed […]

From Panic to Protection: Transforming Your Garage into a Storm-Ready Tornado Shelter

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Living in tornado-prone areas can be both thrilling and challenging. Tornadoes can quickly turn into a nightmare if you find yourself unprepared during a severe weather event. To mitigate the risks and ensure your family’s safety, transforming your garage into a storm-ready tornado shelter is a proactive and potentially life-saving solution. Here’s how you can do […]

FAQs about Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms: Ask Safe Rooms US

Knowing your requirements and specifications when getting a storm shelter or safe room is just half the work. It is important to ask and get answers to all your safe room-related questions. Whether these are need-based or situation-specific questions, they are important. No matter how newly constructed your house may be, it is not designed […]

Keeping your Safe Room Safe: The Essentials of Storm Shelter Maintenance

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Safe rooms are an essential feature for any home or business in Tornado Alley. Fort Worth and Dallas are two hard-hit areas in Texas where residents need to have a checklist of SOPs ready to go in case of a tornado emergency. However, tornado preparedness doesn’t end with installing a safe room. You also need […]

How to Choose Between Above-Ground and Underground Shelter For Your Fort Worth Home

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If you’re living in Fort Worth, you likely already know that your home lies in Tornado Alley, and so you need to be always prepared for a tornado emergency. Safe rooms are structures that provide near-absolute protection in the case of destructive storms. There are two broad options you have when choosing the type of storm shelter for your home: […]