FAQs about Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms: Ask Safe Rooms US

Knowing your requirements and specifications when getting a storm shelter or safe room is just half the work. It is important to ask and get answers to all your safe room-related questions. Whether these are need-based or situation-specific questions, they are important.

No matter how newly constructed your house may be, it is not designed to protect you and your family from a disaster. Therefore, there is no replacement for a safe room or shelter. If your brain is buzzing with safe rooms FAQs, Safe Rooms US is just the contractor for you.

These are some of the most common safe room FAQs and their answers that can help you decide what kind of a storm shelter to invest in:

1. If My House Has a Basement, Do I Still Need a Safe Room?

The answer is yes. Uncontrollable disasters like tornadoes and twisters come in with force and motion. This kind of movement causes door framing to detach, walls to collapse, and basements to fall. This makes even normal house elements and fixtures turn into life-threatening hazards.

For this reason, it is important to get FEMA P-361 approved safe rooms. Safe Room US has storm shelters that are EF-5 rated and can be installed in any given garage, workshop, exterior, or basement. Underground garage shelters and bunkers are other below-ground installation options.

2. What Size Should I Buy?

According to FEMA guidelines, you take the number of people you want to protect and multiply it by three feet of standing space and six feet of sitting space. You should also include space for pets or for storing emergency supplies. At Safe Rooms US, we have a vast collection of sizes and can even customize options according to your needs.

3. How Can I Check Ventilation?

Your safe room must have proper ventilation through air ducts or holes. You can browse our gallery to see how we have incorporated ventilation systems into our designs. We can also show you our building process to demonstrate how ventilation is ensured in each design.

Get Answers for Your FAQs and Satisfaction for your Custom-made Orders

We understand how concerning your family’s safety is to you, and that is why at Safe Rooms US, we are all about shielding you from disasters.

Apart from this, we have underground garage shelters with normal car parking and pull-up car parking options. We can help you select a design that is compact and easily accessible in your home space. The shelters are float resistant and held down with concrete on all four sides. There is also RE-BAR and concrete on the top of the safe room to keep you safe.

Contact us today and find out all safe room FAQs. We also provide concrete shelters with easy-access slopes, flat tops, and flagstones.

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