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3 Ways to Stay Safe During a Tornado

Natural disasters can be quite overwhelming and dangerous; they can wreak havoc in a couple of minutes. One prime example of such a powerful and destructive force is a tornado.

Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air formed when a thunderstorm makes direct contact with the ground. This interaction leads to heavy dark storm clouds and a funnel-like force appearing from the ground. Tornadoes can destroy everything in their way.

In the US, Texas experienced the highest yearly average number of tornados at 155 between 1991-2010—leading to loss of life and property. There are, however, steps that you can take to stay safe during a tornado.

1. Seek Shelter

The instance a tornado hits, the first thing to remember is to move away from windows and glass doors. Pick a place where all your family members can meet right away. The best place to take shelter in your house would be a basement or attic. If there’s a closet under your stairs, that’s also ideal.

2. Hide Under Something Heavy

As with Earthquakes, people are advised to hide under something heavy such as a table. The same applies to keeping safe during tornadoes. Make sure you’re not hiding in a place where the floor above you holds heavy objects.

Cover yourself with blankets, pillows, even a mattress to protect yourself against heavy falling objects.

3. Don’t Get Out of the Car if You’re Driving

driving in storm

A tornado doesn’t just strike while you’re at your home; it can also strike when you’re driving. What do you do then?

It’s advised to drive away from the tornado; however Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends against it. Tornadoes can change their directions at any time, making it unpredictable to be sure of which path to take.

4. Invest in a Safe Room

Tornado watches can predict when a tornado is approaching and issue warnings against them. One of the most effective ways to stay safe during a tornado is to invest in a safe room. They are placed on the lowest floor of the house or inside a basement.

Safe rooms are anchored to the ground and prove to be incredibly effective against tornadoes. If you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX and looking to get custom safe rooms to shelter against a tornado, you’ve come to the right place.

At US Safe Room Tornado Shelters, we provide sufficient storm shelters with steel safe rooms. These tornado shelters meet FEMA requirements and can withstand EF-5 Tornadoes.

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