4 Interesting Tornado Facts That You Should Know

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most destructive natural disasters. They are high-speed winds that rip off buildings, uproot trees, and destroy any structure in their path. These swirling wind columns can have wind speeds of up to 300 mph, and they can travel at speeds of 10-20 miles per hour. In the US, 1376 tornadoes were recorded in 2021. US residents should contact safe room service providers to get tornado shelters installed in their homes to protect themselves.

Tornadoes are an interesting weather phenomenon that climatologists have invested their time in understanding. Here are some interesting facts about tornadoes that you may not know about:

1. Tornadoes Don’t Have Any Time Limit

Tornadoes are a natural weather phenomenon. They don’t have a fixed time limit and can have a lifespan ranging from a few minutes to several hours. The longest tornado recorded in history is the 1925 Tri-State Tornado, which lasted for about 3.5 hours.

2. In 2022, The US Has Reported The Most March Tornadoes Due To La Nina

According to a report, in 2022, the US had recorded more than 200 tornadoes, the most March tornadoes in its history. These tornadoes were due to the climate condition effects of La Nina. It is a climate condition that occurs after every 3 to 5 years. It contributes cooling and warming of the different Pacific Ocean regions, leading to global weather changes.

People have become more aware of safety features such as safe rooms and above-ground shelters to protect themselves.

A building damaged by a passing tornado in Dallas, TX

3. Tri-State Tornado In 1925 Was The Deadliest Tornado Recorded In US History

On March 18, 1925, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana observed the deadliest tornado in the US recorded history. The tornado was named the tri-state tornado. It was considered the deadliest tornado to roam the US. It affected more than 19 communities in the three states and had a death toll of 695.

4. Antarctica Is The Only Place That Is Tornado Free

Talking about tornadoes, did you know that nearly every continent has experienced a tornado touchdown except for one? Antarctica is the only continent on Earth where a tornado has never been recorded. According to the NOAA, the continent doesn’t experience any tornados as it doesn’t support the conditions for tornados to form.

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