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4 Steps for Installing a Safe Room in Your Home

There’s usually no doubt involved in making the decision to install a storm and tornado shelter, but that doesn’t mean that’s where your involvement should end.

When you make the decision to install a steel tornado shelter in your home, there are some considerations to take into account, like location, storage, and power. Make sure you don’t delay this essential task in Texas since an emergency can happen any time!

Picking the Right Spot

When you get a safe room installed, one of the biggest challenges can be where to place it. Any kind of storm or tornado shelter should be easily accessible and should be placed within the building in case the outdoors is too dangerous to venture out into. This is ideal especially since the building or home provides extra protection to the safe room itself.

However, not everyone has the space inside their homes for one. What you can do is attach the safe room’s entrance to the inside of your house to make entrance easy especially if you have kids or disabled people in the house. Ideally,

Balancing Storage Space

One additional step to having a tornado safe room is to make sure the inside has enough space for essential items. This can be a concern because you’ll likely add some mattresses, benches, or chairs inside the saferoom, which can take away storage space.

Depending on the kind of sitting arrangements you make, you’ll have to optimize for storage accordingly. Shelves or hooks on the inner walls can help you store things high up, which leaves the floor open. You could also place benches in the saferoom and add bins underneath that hold all the supplies you need.

Keeping it Stocked

That brings us to the issue of keeping the saferoom stocked. You’ll need essentials like food, clothing, bedding, water, torches, some tools, and anything else you can think of. You should make sure that your safe room is stocked immediately.

More importantly, you should be checking on these supplies regularly, making sure nothing’s gone bad, and replacing items every time you use the shelter.

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The Problem of Power

One of the key issues that usually emerges when it comes to safe rooms is about power. Above-ground storm shelters are only effective when they can be sealed off completely, which makes getting a power connection essentially impossible. You may want to get battery-powered lights for the shelter instead.

Power banks can keep your devices charged and ready, while the ultimate solution is, of course, to have an electric battery-powered generator.

Stay prepared by installing a tornado safe room in Texas today. We provide single-home and community storm shelters that exceed FEMA requirements and pass the Texas Tech Impact Test with flying colors!

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