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4 Surprising Benefits of Having a Storm Room in Your Home

If you’re living in Fort Worth or Dallas, TX, you probably already know the risks and dangers that tornadoes and thunderstorms pose. These unpredictable and often violent weather events are the reason why many people have increasingly begun investing in storm safe rooms and shelters for their homes.

As a homeowner living in Texas, another state in the Tornado Alley, you’ve probably debated the importance and need for a shelter in your home. As public and community shelters shut down, homeowners are encouraged to invest in their own shelters for safety reasons and purposes.

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of having a private shelter, here are a few to help you make up your mind:

1.     Your valuables stay safe and sound

A lot of people use storm shelters as storage, which is why you can use them to store valuables such as cash and jewelry, and other special items that you can carry in during a storm. This will help keep them safe against water damage, theft, and burglary and give you additional peace of mind knowing they’re well-protected. You can store photo albums too, given that our shelters have a leak-proof warranty for up to 10 years.

2.     Emergency supplies will always be available

This is another underrated advantage of having access to a storm shelter. You should always have a stock of emergency supplies such as medication, food, warm clothes, blankets, and general first-aid items. Whether it’s a storm-related emergency, or a general mishap or accident, you’ll always have access to important supplies, including medication and food within the home. Be sure to replenish and replace supplies periodically, however!

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3.     The whole family can access it

Accessibility is often a challenge for many public spaces, and that’s exactly the problem that governments have tried to combat through private shelter use. You can customize our safe rooms to be more accessible for family members with special needs, through additions like wheelchair ramps, railings, custom levers, and more. Additionally, you don’t need to rush to the nearest community shelter when a warning is issued; it’s right there in your home.

4.     Your property value goes up significantly

You can expect your property value to shoot up with the installation of a storm shelter, becoming more of an investment than an expense. Although it’s possible to transport our steel rooms if you move homes, installation boosts property value significantly.

Our storm shelters are highly customizable and can be adjusted for dimensions, size, features, and be installed both indoors and outdoors, depending on your home. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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