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5 Reasons Why You Need a Storm Shelter in Your House

such as storms and hurricanes cost people their properties and lives every year, forcing them to invest in safety precautions for their families.

Storm shelters, however, are becoming increasingly popular among people in heavily storm-affected areas. Manufacturers offer many specifications and modifications to customers according to their specific needs. In this blog, we will highlight how storm shelters safeguard human life and offer various benefits to their owners, making them an ideal investment.

1. They can fit the whole family

Shelter manufacturers offer custom safe rooms and tornado shelters to protect you and your loved ones. You can also choose between above-ground and in-ground shelters or underground bunkers for easy access during emergencies, according to your convenience. Typically, shelters can fit up to 8 people and also provide boxes and storage spaces for food and other amenities.

A personal storm shelter safeguards you and your loved ones within your property. You can install a shelter in your basement or as an extension of your garage for easy access.

2. They can store your valuables

Storm shelters can be used for several purposes. You can store your valuables and precious belongings in a shelter to avoid transporting them when a storm emergency occurs. An above-ground shelter also serves as a storage unit when not being used for security purposes.

3. They are easy to install

A storm shelter is relatively simple to install on your property. An above-ground shelter is simply placed on your property, while an in-ground shelter is dug into a lower space. Both installations are relatively straightforward and barely take any time.

4. They can be used for multiple natural disasters

Storm shelters can be used as shelters for storms, earthquakes, and even floods. If your area experiences excessive rains and floods, an above-ground shelter is the right choice for you. Similarly, if your area experiences extreme winds, consider an in-ground shelter to protect your structure from debris destruction.

Steel Safe Room

5. They are EF5 Tornado tested

Most safe room manufacturers build and test their structures for EF5 tornadoes according to FEMA guidelines for shelters. Shelters are often made of sturdy structures such as steel and concrete, which can endure strong winds and flooding to protect you and your loved ones.

Storm shelters offer multiple benefits to protect you, your family, and your valuables. You can discuss various specifications, such as dimensions, material, and usability, with a professional before buying your shelter.

Safe Rooms US is based in Texas and manufactures storm-safe rooms for clients. We have a team of professionals with 25+ years of skill in the storm shelter industry. Our structures are manufactured according to FEMA guidelines and are tested to withstand EF5 tornadoes and heavy winds. Our main shelters include steel storm shelters, underground bunkers, and concrete shelters to protect you and your family. We also offer various sizes and specifications to meet our client’s expectations.

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