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5 Things That Make Above Ground Storm Shelters a Better Option.

Around 80 deaths are caused by a thousand tornadoes that occur, on average, each year. Major weather events can push these numbers far beyond. For instance, hurricane Maria alone took 2,975 lives and caused $90 billion in damages. Above-ground shelters can keep people safe even under such extreme circumstances.

Unfortunately, only 64% of Americans are prepared with an emergency plan. This is because many people still don’t understand the importance of under or above-ground shelters.

Here are five things that everyone should know about above-ground shelters and why all homes in Texas should have one.

Weight Handling Capability

One of the biggest risks during tornadoes is flying debris. An above-ground shelter made by professional shelter contractors, according to FEMA guidelines, is strong enough to handle a 3000-pound car easily. Having a FEMA-compliant above-ground shelter can keep you safe from flying debris during tornadoes.

Easy Excess

You don’t have to find the entrance of an above-ground storm shelter. It’s clearly marked, and you just have to walk inside to be safe. However, underground storm shelters are comparatively much more complicated. You have to pull a door slightly above ground level and then climb down to get into one. The door of an underground shelter can also get covered by debris and broken branches, making entering it even more difficult.

Easier For Rescue Teams To Reach You

Below-ground shelters can get buried under debris and rubble caused by a devastating tornado. Although it’s rare, yet you can still find several incidents of families getting trapped inside an underground storm shelter. Above-ground shelters are also easy to locate for rescue teams as compared to underground storm shelters.


relocate safe room

Your new house may not come with a built-in shelter. And it will not be possible for you to dig out an underground shelter from your previous home and get it installed in your new place. However, above-ground shelters are mobile and can move to your new house just like your bed, TV, and refrigerator.

Easy Installation

You are not required to dig large holes in your yard or relocate sewer lines to install an above-ground storm shelter. This not only makes their installation easy but also keeps you spending a great amount of installation and maintenance costs.

If you live in or around Texas or Oklahoma, you can contact us for the most durable storm shelters available in this region. Along with flood shelters, US Safe Room Tornado Shelters also provides steel-safe rooms. Get a free shelter quote now.

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