Three Things to Keep in Your Underground Bunker

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Underground bunkers have gained popularity as a means of preparedness and protection in uncertain times. Whether you are preparing for a natural disaster, societal unrest, or any other catastrophic event, having a well-stocked underground bunker is crucial. In this blog, we will explore three essential items to keep in your underground bunker to ensure your safety and well-being […]

Above-Ground Or Below-Ground: What’s The Better Storm Shelter?

Texas is known to experience extreme weather emergencies without warning. The Gulf of Mexico is notorious for storms and flash floods. Buying a storm-safe room provides a safe place for you and your family to retreat to in case a natural disaster occurs. Depending on the type of storms you experience, this blog will help you decide whether an in-ground […]

Why You Should Get an Above Ground Storm Shelter This Tornado Season

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Tornado Alley can be a tough spot to live in, especially during tornado seasons. Tornadoes strike anywhere and at any time, only adding to their unpredictability. To protect yourself, you can consider installing storm shelters. Storm shelters can be of two types depending on where you are installing them. These are above-ground storm shelters and underground storm shelters. Even though […]

Underground Storm Shelter Vs. Above Ground Storm Shelter: Which is Better?

Above-ground storm shelter installation

The detrimental impacts of natural disasters cannot be emphasized enough. There is no way you can make it out alive of tornadoes or hurricanes or any harsh weather conditions if you don’t seek refuge in storm shelters. Storm shelters are fortified rooms built above or underground to protect people from tornado-strength strong winds.

Underground vs. Above-Ground Storm Shelters: What You Need To Know

Above-ground storm shelter

It is essential to have a storm shelter in your home in storm-prone regions. The consensus is that below-ground shelters are more secure than those located above ground. However, in reality, both are excellent choices for homeowners. People prefer underground storm shelters to survive a storm, but that is no longer the case. As a result […]

5 Things That Make Above Ground Storm Shelters a Better Option.

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Around 80 deaths are caused by a thousand tornadoes that occur, on average, each year. Major weather events can push these numbers far beyond. For instance, hurricane Maria alone took 2,975 lives and caused $90 billion in damages. Above-ground shelters can keep people safe even under such extreme circumstances. Unfortunately, only 64% of Americans are […]