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A Brief History of Safe Rooms

Safe rooms have been a regular part of history, providing people a means to store their valuables for safekeeping over the centuries.

In this blog, you’ll discover the rich history of safe rooms and how they’ve come to be used to protect home and business owners in the US today.

The “Castle Keep”

The first time a hidden room, like those during the Pharoah’s time, was used for safety was in castles. In the most difficult to navigate parts of a castle, there would be a room specifically so that the lord of the court could take refuge during an attack.

This pre-modern “safe room” was known as the “castle keep.”

The “Priest Hole”

These “holes” were hiding places in prominent Catholic homes in England when Catholics were under persecution. The priest holes helped hide priests within these homes if the houses were attacked, raided, or searched.

Catholic Priest

While English castles and country homes had these secret rooms already, the numbers increased during this sad persecution era.

Safe Rooms in the USA

At first, like the Egyptians, Americans used safe rooms to store valuable possessions. From 1920 to 1933, Americans would hide alcohol in safe rooms for safekeeping when alcohol was banned during the prohibition era.

Since then, safe rooms have been developed to withstand massive impacts from challenging weather storms. Safe rooms that meet or exceed FEMA guidelines are now able to withstand even EF5 tornadoes.

Families in hurricane and tornado-prone cities in the Midwestern part of the US like Fort Worth, Dallas, and others in Texas and those in Oklahoma regularly use safe rooms to protect themselves during heavy, unpredictable, and damaging storms.

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