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Above Ground vs. In-Home Storm Shelters—Which is Better?

What’s the difference between an above-ground shelter, like a storm cellar, and a more traditional in-home shelter?

You might think that they’re drastically different, but in reality, the two are pretty similar in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. This article will break down all the information about them so that you can decide which is the safest when a storm hits in your area.

Above-Ground Shelters

An above-ground shelter is a separate structure from home. The main benefit of an above-ground shelter is that it can withstand stronger winds than an in-home shelter. Storms with tornadoes have been known to turn over mobile homes that were not specially designed for the weather conditions.

When placed in a safe location, like next to a sturdy building, an above-ground shelter will fare much better. They also tend to be a lot easier to get into and out of during a storm.

In-Home Shelters

In-home shelters are usually more customizable than above-ground shelters. If you have specific needs, then you can easily make changes to accommodate them.

For instance, if you have an elderly relative who needs help moving in and out of the shelter, then you can modify your home’s shelter by putting in stairs or even a ramp. If your home is already equipped with one of these additions, it will make your life much easier when a storm is approaching.

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How Are the Two Are Similar?

Beyond these benefits, the two types of shelters have some very similar features. In most cases, the layout of an in-home shelter is the same as a storm shelter.

Both shelters can be built into softball dugouts that sit directly outside your home and are close to each other. They’re usually only two to four feet tall but can go as high as eight feet, depending on the construction of your home.

How Are They Different?

The most significant difference between the two types is what’s inside them. In-home shelters are usually made to accommodate a few people at most. The area will be divided into zones that will help you maximize your resources, and it will have enough supplies for you and your family during the storm.

Above-ground shelters follow the same general setup, but they can be customized to fit your family’s needs as well. Ensure that your shelter is accessible and is a safe distance from the home itself. Many builders will allow you to customize your shelter with specific items like specialized lighting or controlled ventilation systems.

They can also install plumbing or electrical systems if they don’t already exist in your storm shelter.

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