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Buying vs. Building a Safe Room: Which is Better and Why?

So, you’ve heard and read about safe rooms and how they can protect you and your family. However, there’s still a question left unanswered: should you buy a safe room or build it yourself?

In this blog, you’ll discover the answer as we evaluate the reality of safe rooms in hurricane-prone areas like Dallas, Fort Worth, etc.


Cost is by far the most significant factor people take into account when making this decision.

In order to build a safe room themselves, not only should home and business owners have extensive building construction experience, but they would also need to consult a designer and know FEMA regulations exceptionally well. Cost also differs depending on where you want to install the safe room. Building a safe room in existing homes costs 20% more on average compared to building one during construction.

When you take these costs plus construction costs into account, buying a safe room is far less time-consuming and also cost-efficient.

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Certification and Safety Guarantees

FEMA itself recommends to only work with registered design professionals like engineers or architects when it comes to safe rooms. If you build a safe room yourself for the first time, are you willing to leave it to chance to survive a hurricane or tornado?

Buying from a reliable safe room company ensures that your safe room is impact-resistant, hurricane-proof, safely anchored, and more.

Get a Safe Room That’s Impact Tested For Your Home and Business in Less Than 10 Days

At Safe Rooms US, we have almost thirty years of experience in the Safe Room and Storm Shelter Industry in Texas and Oklahoma. Our custom safe rooms all meet/exceed FEMA’s guidelines and are ensured to be impact proof because they’ve passed the Texas Test Impact Test.

We offer safe rooms in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other cities across Texas and Oklahoma. We will securely place our safe rooms in your existing home’s garage, a separate home exterior, or any home that’s on a pre-manufactured interior. We can also custom-build your new safe room in any size you need, down to the last inch, as fast as 7-10 days! Installation takes less than 45 minutes.

For additional information about our safe room services, contact us here.

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